Monday, December 19, 2011

Intensive feeding day 4

8:30am - weigh in and measure
Mom forgot my weight this morning.  I know I lost a little bit of weight.
While waiting for feeding therapy to start I found the perfect hiding place!

8:45am-9:30am - Meal 1
Mrs. Kate did my mouth exercises first, then she showed me the norms of what she would be doing for therapy and then therapy starts.  Mrs. Kate feeds me pudding, yogurt or puts a straw to my lips and then she will reward me for eating or opening my mouth by playing Elmo on the TV or blowing bubbles.
I ate my yogurt and pudding okay.  Before therapy I would not switch from one food to another so I am making progress there.  I would not open my mouth for the straw.  Mom said that they are trying to have me open my mouth on command no matter what they want to put in it.  I do not like this idea at all! Photobucket

11:45am-12:30pm - Meal 2
Mrs. Kate and the team decided to add a stretch that I am not very sure I like.  She puts her hand in my mouth and rubs my lips.  She called it a lip curl.  I dont like things in my mouth!
Mrs. Kate and the team also decided to stop putting the straw to my lips.  They decided to just work on getting me to open and close my mouth on command.  Again, I am not a fan of this!  Who knows what they are going to put into my mouth.  At least when I hold my mouth open like I am told to I get to watch Elmo.
I am still very good at eating my yogurt and pudding.

12:00pm-2:00pm - Nap time
I hate nap time!  I cried and fought mommy for 45 minutes today.  Eventually I napped and then this lady came in and told me I had to get up for another feeding.  I don't want to have more feeding, I just want my bottle and Elmo on demand!

2:15pm-2:45pm - conference with team
I slept though this but mommy went. She said they had daddy on speaker phone. I wish I was there to talk to daddy while he is at work.  I guess everyone talked about my eating and what the plans are for the future.  They want me to open my mouth on command for three seconds with out refusal before introducing more drink options.  I guess they are using this to stop me from having my bottle.  They are going to have a fight on their hands!

2:45pm-3:30pm - Meal 3
I am tired and I am tired of feeding therapy.  I just want to go home already. Why are these people telling me what to eat when.  I want my bottle when I want my bottle.
Mrs. Kate did her new lip curl stretch thing again.  I am not a big fan of that.  Why is everyone always near my mouth, don't they understand that is my mouth and they should stay away!
I hate opening my mouth on command.  I just want to eat and drink when and what I want to eat and drink.  This stinks!  Is it time to go home yet?

3:45pm - head home
I may or may not have slept from the time we got out of the parking lot, all the way home and until 6:30pm.  Mom keeps telling me I better sleep tonight.  I am completely exhausted I think I will sleep tonight!

I am back up now watching Christmas movies with Sis.
I wish Sis was at feeding therapy with me.
She would eat the food for me and open her mouth when asked so they would leave me alone!