Tuesday, April 30, 2013

let the drama begin

Mom and Dad say that my Phia is less high maintenance than I was when I was her age.
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There is hope.
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What does that mean Gabers?
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It means that there is hope in the world.
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You are always telling me what do and I was hoping Phia would lay off.
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Gabriel, Phia will do what I say when I say it!
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See what I mean?
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I am not high maintenance Gabers!
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Look at my Phia Sis!
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Phia likes boo-boos!
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Don't change the subject when we are talking Gabers!
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You brought me into the 'House Of Drama' didn't you!?!
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Mom's Notes -
No words needed...
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Monday, April 29, 2013

new lessons

Sis, Phia is home!
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I know, it is so cool!
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Did you see how she eats Sis?
 photo null_zpsd8ef926b.jpg
She eats from boo-boos.
  photo null_zps95f288cf.jpg
I was going to test it out but Mom said I am not allowed to because I am too big.
 photo null_zpsf6b2c05b.jpg
We ate from boo-boos when we were little.
 photo null_zps84de3d3b.jpg
I tried to feed Phia from my boo-boos but she refused to get near them.
 photo null_zps8acfa38c.jpg
Think she will eat from mine Gabers?
 photo null_zpsb82daee7.jpg
I don't know, it's worth a try Sis.
 photo null_zps4609a1e0.jpg
I am going to test out her seat for her to make sure it is safe Gabers.
 photo null_zpse4023318.jpg
I am going to hold her hand always to make sure she is safe Sis.
 photo null_zps79dc428f.jpg
Good idea Gabers, I will help you keep her safe!
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Mom's notes - Still working on teaching the kids that Sophia is the only Purdy child who eats out of the boo-boo's and that the only boo-boos that do feeding around this house are Mom's.
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Meeting Sophia

Gabers did you see my Phia?
 photo IMG_9232_zpse9dc04cc.jpg
I like baby Phia!
 photo IMG_9236_zpsdf87c2ae.jpg
She is so cute Gabers!
 photo IMG_9233_zps9fe68f1b.jpg
I love holding her!
 photo IMG_9235_zps55182fcc.jpg
She smells good.
 photo IMG_9259_zps8ed5b589.jpg
She does.
 photo IMG_9252_zps4c21c1cf.jpg
I brought her a baby.
 photo IMG_9265_zps908f9ba2.jpg
She likes it when I hold her!
 photo null_zpsb2a120cf.jpg
She sure is cute!
 photo null_zpscc703f10.jpg
She sure is!
 photo null_zps558f457e.jpg
Mom's notes - A thank you goes out to Grandma Hubert for making scrubs for the Things! The looked amazing visiting their new sister!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sophia Rose Purdy

Welcome Sophia Rose Purdy
6lbs 14oz

Friday, April 26, 2013


After snack we get to go outside Gabers.
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Elmo you better finish up!
 photo null_zpsf72c26af.jpg
Gabers, check this out!
 photo null_zpsc0d46202.jpg
What are you suppose to be Sis?
 photo null_zpsa1720956.jpg
I am a Olive nosed Isabella Puppy!
 photo null_zps26f389a2.jpg
Time to go outside SIS!

 I wish we could spend all day every day outside.


Mom's notes - I could listen to these two talk back and forth forever. It is so great to hear Gabriel's voice and Isabella understands what he is saying almost all of the time.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


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You can do it.
 photo null_zps5f242f83.jpg
Use both hands.
 photo null_zpsf9928301.jpg
Good job!
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Mom's notes - If you are walking into the Purdy house be ready to have a ball thrown at you! Gabriel's new game is to try to play catch with anyone who is not paying attention to him...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Gabers, are you okay?
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 photo null_zpsfd4498de.jpg
I know, you got blood all over my bedroom.
 photo null_zps2b9d98f6.jpg
 photo null_zpsc50d7ac4.jpg
Maybe we shouldn't jump on my bed, huh Gabers.
 photo null_zpsc2c1793e.jpg
 photo null_zps9aaadfcd.jpg
You did bite your lip pretty good, huh Gabers.
 photo null_zps362d994a.jpg
 photo null_zps646675cd.jpg
You scared me Gabers!
 photo null_zpsdcb8278f.jpg
It hurt a lot Sis!
 photo null_zpsaa68175e.jpg
It sure looked like it hurt a lot!
 photo null_zps3e4ebff7.jpg
I don't want to do that ever again!
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