Thursday, February 28, 2013

Men's night in

Mom had conferences until late, Sis went to visit Rain... Daddy and I had Men's Night In!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Gabers every day is my birthday!
 photo 5b67a13c-0fd9-450b-b4dd-0d02fe011188_zpsf6834642.jpg
 photo de077496-8e32-4ef3-8987-09d29e21ff02_zps53be79d2.jpg
Gabers, I keep getting presents so every day is my birthday!
 photo 04851ebb-4f1b-4813-aa3e-48acf8ead5e7_zps6bac13ee.jpg
 photo IMG_20130227_131249_zps29339887.jpg
I love my birthday.
 photo a8b09227-b71c-4925-b05c-4e445888231e_zps00df3383.jpg
  photo 7fc9a8c5-443f-4bb7-8694-e93b4206f5c6_zpsf6caa3c8.jpg
Are you listening to a word I am saying?
 photo 25f57f29-e505-4a01-bd46-0dea6faaef9f_zps4f26118a.jpg
 photo 31d5ccbb-5f9b-4ff4-804c-506be8134dc0_zpsae805271.jpg

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Piggie (Biggie)

Gabers look!
 photo 26040c9a-e11f-4048-9ef8-084838e6e5d6_zps85fa4c1d.jpg
What Sis?
 photo IMG_7658_zps930417c4.jpg
Piggie wants to be pet.
 photo 9adc92b5-44b0-4355-8959-3de46dd1eeec_zps59879f59.jpg
Biggie is terrified of you.
 photo 7140319c-b516-4ea9-8331-3c0d7fbc3536_zpsbc47bd03.jpg
No he isn't.
 photo IMG_7657_zps81fd9657.jpg
He almost wet himself he was so scared.
 photo 2e2e9457-e138-4e42-8f7f-026fd67a8532_zps84e26853.jpg
Mom's notes - Check out Isabella's new bed... I can't get her to even consider sleeping in her real bed now. UG!
 photo 60698b19-f809-4777-91ab-30777b03a9a4_zps6ea291e9.jpg

Monday, February 25, 2013

fun out of nothing

 photo ca22d8bb-812e-49e3-a18e-1c89f884bde3_zps2dde4005.jpg
What Gabers?
 photo 8bfa5dcb-17e5-47a2-8e8a-4d504dfa8879_zps84d2b97d.jpg
Did you see the present Mommy got us?
 photo 551cd88e-a783-4a2f-b30e-d3d52743656d_zps5329c886.jpg
What did mommy get us Gabers?
 photo 5d619ee7-0782-4955-b4bc-a909d691f3d3_zpsd39586b2.jpg
Check this out Sis!
 photo 2e616315-6179-45c0-939c-c3d4a25bb33f_zpsbe0d348a.jpg
What is that Gabers?
 photo 2090fd08-ffd2-4b9f-86cf-9dc0291c8fe3_zps10301261.jpg
 photo b0dd9a84-9ae8-4334-bcb5-efbe23703cbc_zps6ada820c.jpg
 photo 87390149-852a-4658-9ad2-d0751fc49df2_zpsa3ca77ec.jpg
I have Mickey, Goofy and Donald!
 photo a2cfb692-e80e-406e-b845-e95baede5055_zps873ce787.jpg
I have a washcloth on my head!!!
 photo 7360696b-d643-4401-91b1-b016fd95cde2_zps640f6048.jpg

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bot Broken

Yesterday I shocked daddy when I brought him Alphie.
 photo IMG_7546_zps64bad40b.jpg
I told daddy that he was 'Broken, won't work'
 photo IMG_7544_zps3c0b0ac7.jpg
Daddy did not know what was wrong with Alphie.
 photo IMG_7542_zps51674c53.jpg
I went and got Alphie some batteries.
 photo IMG_7540_zps72f88e68.jpg
Then I got daddy the screwdriver.
 photo IMG_7551_zps5dff3431.jpg
Alphie now 'work, bot work'
 photo IMG_7550_zpsf8d6b916.jpg
Now Alphie is 'All better'.
 photo IMG_7549_zps6b54118b.jpg

Saturday, February 23, 2013

advice from Bella

Sometimes you need to see the world from inside a banana!  photo IMG_3234_zps9a066a15.jpg

Friday, February 22, 2013

catch, duck, run

Sis, check out my moves with daddy!

Sis, I am going to play catch with daddy!

I can play catch too Gabers!

You might want to work on your skills Sis.

What are you talking about Gabers, I am a rock star!

Yes, you really need more practice Sis!

I am taking a drink break, playing catch makes me thirsty.
 photo IMG_7539_zps266be40d.jpg
I took my own picture again today. I am the rock star of the family!
 photo 2013-02-22_18-15-38_516_zpsc893a4e8.jpg

Thursday, February 21, 2013

something borrowed

Sis, I thought I would take some pictures for you today.
 photo 2013-02-21_16-44-15_873_zpsda8d8037.jpg
I am sorry that you had to stay home sick.
 photo 2013-02-21_16-44-45_988_zpsd1582ec8.jpg
I am a good photographer with mom's phone.
 photo 2013-02-21_16-44-55_487_zps69e4d4a0.jpg
Check this one out Sis, Mom and dad even let me take their picture.
 photo 2013-02-21_16-45-17_434_zps4dcff717.jpg
Thanks Gabers, I am loving on Kitten.
 photo 2013-02-21_17-33-28_801_zps9e15ad6c.jpg
Daddy is loving on me.
 photo 2013-02-21_17-31-18_827_zps862d9d0e.jpg
I got my flu shot today while at the doctor.
 photo 2013-02-21_17-33-22_600_zpsfdefdf96.jpg
Oh my gosh did you scream the place down?
 photo 2013-02-21_17-31-23_19_zps6b99d885.jpg
I did not cry at all Gabers!
 photo 2013-02-21_17-33-24_935_zpsa9d6b843.jpg
 photo 2013-02-21_17-31-24_968_zps0a50ed0e.jpg
I am not always a ninny.
 photo 2013-02-21_17-33-18_798_zps807ca859.jpg
Wow, way to go Sis!
 photo 2013-02-21_17-31-42_139_zps18b94a36.jpg
Kitten and I like your shirt Gabers!

This was daddy's shirt when he was my age.

Mom's notes - I don't believe Sis minds the she was sick on her birthday. Look at what Papa brought by for Isabella today to help make her feel better.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

these two...

I'm bored Gabers.
 photo IMG_7526_zps75b0d4ec.jpg
Me too Sis.
 photo IMG_7527_zpse4d0d7c4.jpg
What should we do?
 photo IMG_7522_zps9fcb273e.jpg
Let's relive our youth.
 photo IMG_7520_zps60fe963a.jpg
OOOO, that sounds fun!
 photo IMG_7498_zps9ebf8695.jpg
I get the lion Sis.
 photo IMG_7504_zps7511c9aa.jpg
I get the bumbo!
 photo IMG_7500_zps4c950af9.jpg
I am surprised your backside fit in here Sis.
 photo IMG_7511_zps73c2feb0.jpg
Why is that Gabers?
  photo IMG_7493_zpse24be39b.jpg
You are ALWAYS eating Sis.
 photo IMG_7514_zps53378cd3.jpg
Here let me get your table Gabers.
 photo IMG_7506_zps3ab34faa.jpg
Phia is going to love this stuff.
 photo IMG_7507_zps89314095.jpg
If we let her use it.
 photo IMG_7494_zpsb9ff4122.jpg
 photo IMG_7509_zps21bfd203.jpg