Wednesday, July 31, 2013

crabby pants

Phia, why are you so crabby today?
 photo null_zps9ba074b8.jpg
I'm crabby?
 photo null_zps650fcbf7.jpg
Ya, you want mommy to hold you all of the time.
 photo null_zpsf3c98668.jpg
That is not crabby Isabella, that is smart.
 photo null_zps341e6192.jpg
Well I want attention too.
 photo null_zps3ed47f97.jpg
Be nice to me and you will get attention.
 photo null_zps6b7ba1ec.jpg
Nice huh?
 photo null_zps0f67cf00.jpg
 photo null_zps270d06b1.jpg
Is this nice?
 photo null_zps76bd35a2.jpg
Not even close Isabella.
 photo null_zps32092066.jpg
 photo null_zps4d8f2bf5.jpg
You are going about it all wrong.
 photo null_zps60ab8a32.jpg
You have to practice...
 photo null_zps6bb1820b.jpg
A LOT...
 photo null_zpse5d86d0e.jpg
How to treat babies right.
 photo null_zps473f6e8c.jpg
And then you might get to hold a real baby.
 photo null_zps937952e4.jpg
That's too much work.
 photo null_zps428008b3.jpg
Ah safe for a moment.
 photo null_zps68fbf022.jpg
Mom's notes -
Isabella made Italian pasta salad today.
 photo null_zps6e1b1782.jpg
The kitchen will never be mine again.
 photo null_zps9d2f5820.jpg
Gabriel loves my camera. Here are a few pictures he took today.
 photo null_zps73d94f57.jpg
 photo null_zps4293dbd3.jpg
 photo null_zps80c81051.jpg
 photo null_zpsdc3aa231.jpg
 photo null_zps0d2c0fd0.jpg

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

a don't day

Today was Kids Day at the Coast Guard Festival downtown.
 photo null_zpsefc8f76b.jpg
Papa even came with us for fun!
 photo null_zps612145e2.jpg
Gabers, I race you up the steps!
 photo null_zpsdf93ef66.jpg
Race you down Sis.
 photo null_zps95e5ad1d.jpg
You go first Gabers.
 photo null_zps8236fc8c.jpg
 photo null_zpsd509815d.jpg
I am not so sure about this going down thing...
 photo null_zpsd8457905.jpg
I made it down safe after mom climbed up and got me.
 photo null_zps274dff1f.jpg
Wow, check that out.
 photo null_zpscfa04e91.jpg
That is the biggest cow I have ever seen.
 photo null_zps4b98df07.jpg
Okay, I am ready to go home!
 photo null_zpsc8f9d160.jpg
 photo null_zps3cbb1f66.jpg
Chill Sis before you do something you regret!
 photo null_zps049da383.jpg
I'm sorry I threw your pacifier out of the stroller Sis.
 photo null_zpse97bfb0b.jpg
How was I to know mom wouldn't see it and it would be lost forever?
 photo null_zpsd9d836c4.jpg
I miss my giraffe!
 photo null_zps5e1dff7d.jpg
Lucky I am loved and I was given this giraffe.
 photo null_zps22ba4009.jpg
It is not MY giraffe but it will do.
 photo null_zps7a77199c.jpg
I said I am sorry!
 photo null_zps4c16dc48.jpg
Isabella, Phia knows you are sorry.
 photo null_zps03263694.jpg
Then why did she bring it up?
 photo null_zps06115f3b.jpg
I think she brought it up because when you get tired sometimes you get crazy.
 photo null_zps6599f239.jpg
I am crazy.
 photo null_zps298ca180.jpg
Yes, yes you are.
 photo null_zpsac44b8ce.jpg
And you love me that way.
 photo null_zps1a731e48.jpg
Sometimes Sis.
 photo null_zps347efd90.jpg
Let's be crazy together Gabers.
 photo null_zps893a09e0.jpg
I mustache, what do you have in mind Sis?
 photo null_zps9e653ac8.jpg
OMG, that is great Gabers!
 photo null_zpsd55ea0a1.jpg
I know.
 photo null_zps14408cdf.jpg
Mom's notes - Sometimes the best plans do not pan out. Today was Kids Day and I personally was looking forward to it.  I planned on going early before the crowd go too thick so that Gabriel would not stress with a large crowd.  Well we went early and there was already a HUGE crowd. Gabriel's only plan was to run around showing off in front of all of the people. Isabella was tired after a Great long weekend with Rain so she quickly became very crabby. Poor Phia was along for the ride. In the middle of our craziness Phia's giraffe disappeared. Phia is touchier than normal due to her having thrush and the poos. Thrush causes sores in the mouth so it hurts quite a bit. The town is crazy due to the festival. I ran out to the stores downtown in search of another giraffe. The two stores that carry the pacifiers with animals were sold out of the giraffe pacifier. DANG IT. Lucky a friend managed to find a pink Giraffe as a replacement. Needless to say we did not stay at Kids Day very long. It was not worth everyone in the family being stressed. We came home where Gabriel can run and Isabella could rest instead. We ended up spending most of the day outside playing on our personal playground. Some days are Don't days.