Monday, September 30, 2013


Phia, this is my Robot.
He is a super cool robot.

Let me see Gabriel.
Hands off it is my robot Phia.
Give it here NOW Gabriel!
Not a chance Phia!

Mom's notes-
Gabriel wants to drink non-thickened liquid SO badly. He disappeared and this is what I found him doing.

This is the smiles I get for Phia each morning no matter how little she let me sleep that night.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Busy busy

Is the swing set done yet Gabers?
No, Papa and Daddy are working hard to finish it.
Well, I am going to play on this while we wait .
That's not how you are suppose to play on that thing Sis.
So, that is not something you are dupose to be hanging from.
Ya but it is so fun!
Look Gabers , it is finally finished...
Haha, daddy and Papa finished and made you two go inside!
Phia, what do you think of these shoes?
I think they are too big.
Phia, I could spend all day in the shoe section of Target!
Run while she is busy!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Busy day!!!

Gabers, Papa got a playset!
 photo null_zps787bec55.jpg
For us Isabella?
 photo null_zpsccd12210.jpg
Of course for us Phia.
 photo null_zps056f8f30.jpg
Phia, why wouldn't it be for us?
 photo null_zpsd8054eb4.jpg
I don't know.
 photo null_zpsc6f470cc.jpg
Phia, yes it is for us.
 photo null_zps3c8d3ddd.jpg
You two did not have to yell at me.
 photo null_zps07b0dbba.jpg
Why would you ask a silly question.
 photo null_zps271b8930.jpg
I thought no question is a silly question.
  photo null_zps1a19deaa.jpg
Oh Phia...
 photo null_zpsbc24d866.jpg
Don't Oh Phia me!
 photo null_zps2b1f7855.jpg
Thank you Emma for inviting us to your birthday party!
 photo null_zpsa10dffaf.jpg
Mom's notes-
Gabriel and his girlfriend Lily!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Doctor, doctor

I don't want to go to the doctor gabers!
Me neither Sis!
Hey Gabers wanna eat a fish?
Nasty Sis!
I want to eat a baby one as it says, 'mommy, mommy help me, help me mommy'...
What is the matter with you Sis?
And I am going to be like,  'yum that baby fish taste good'.
Oh Sis!
The Doctor is here Gabers.
Hug my arm with this Sis.
We sure rocked that appointment Gabers!
I know everyone in that office sure loves us, huh Sis?
Yup, now let's bust out of here Gabers.
Right behind you Sis.
Mom's notes - ENT appointment for both kids (what the heck was I thinking). They are doing well. Bells tubes have worked their way out and Gabers are still in place. Back in 4 months for both kids.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

getting old

You are getting old Phia.
 photo null_zps303161fe.jpg
I'm only going to be five months old Isabella.
 photo null_zpsaaff3903.jpg
That is a good age Phia.
 photo null_zps16e91535.jpg
What makes it so good?
 photo null_zps43a92046.jpg
You don't have to clean your room Phia.
 photo null_zps8d381280.jpg
Um, Isabella, I don't really have a room.
 photo null_zpscf41e82e.jpg
Oh ya that is right.
 photo null_zpsdcf7f478.jpg
You can share my room Phia.
 photo null_zps495a8858.jpg
Mom's notes -