Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oh Isabella...

Gabers, I'm ready!
 photo null_zps6b7de0c7.jpg
Ready for what Sis?
 photo null_zps1ba260aa.jpg
Ready for school.
 photo null_zpsb8200e83.jpg
Um Sis...
 photo null_zpsca788e81.jpg
What Gabers?
 photo null_zpse9107062.jpg
Uh, aren't you missing something.
 photo null_zps2f9a823c.jpg
Nope, I have my heals, my backpack and my hair done.
 photo null_zpsc7b508f1.jpg
I am one ready girl!
 photo null_zps6f6a668b.jpg
Somebody has to tell you Sis.
 photo null_zpsff06fe68.jpg
What Gabers?
 photo null_zps9cb55aa8.jpg
You forgot your clothes.
 photo null_zps0f770657.jpg
No I didn't this is my outfit.
 photo null_zpsd3feb493.jpg
OH Sis...
 photo null_zpsc607d2da.jpg
I'm going back to sleep!
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