Sunday, September 15, 2013

Step Up For Down Syndrome - Lansing

Sis, Phia, Mommy, Rain and Grandma all went to Potter Park Step Up for Down Syndrome walk.
 photo null_zps99de4571.jpg
We saw Big Lug from the Lugnuts. 
It is not our normal walk, that is in Grand Rapids and will take place in a few weeks.
This is the Capital Area Down Syndrome Association (CADSA) walk.
It was fun to get to meet people from the other side of the state.
Plus my big man Sparty showed up.
Sparty is my hero!!!
I love spending time with Sparty!
He even rocked out with me!

Going into the zoo was a lot of fun Gabers.
 photo null_zps8350cc92.jpg
I got to hang out with the fake giraffe's.
 photo null_zpsed6a278f.jpg
I saw kitties.
 photo null_zps7f4ebf6b.jpg
They were a little bit bigger than Kitten.
 photo null_zpsb7ae95ae.jpg
What is that Grandma?
 photo null_zpsfe0a4f84.jpg
Awe heck, who cares, look goats.
 photo null_zpsc3a5a733.jpg
I got to see my hero too Gabers!
 photo null_zpsc1a151d5.jpg
Let's dance Gabers.

It's time to go home.
 photo null_zpsdc49cc77.jpg
Pile in.
 photo null_zps94a33ed9.jpg
Dont you two sass me!
 photo null_zpsc5ed07de.jpg
We had fun but it is time to go!
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