Sunday, August 21, 2016

Someone turned 8

Being sick on your birthday is never fun but it did earn me the WHOLE day with daddy. The Tornadoes close earned me more time with Papa (he has a basement).

Friends stopped by before the storm.

Daddy finally gave in...

He bought me minecraft! (I LOVE minecraft!!!)

Thank you EVERYONE for all the birthday love!!

Just another Purdy crazy day.

Party time!

Okay so we took a few more pictures.

But who cares when they are fun ones

With just Lorrain and I

She is my favorite!

The picture ladies taught me how to take pictures.

They helped me take awesome pictures!

They were so much fun!

Derek danced with me

And danced with me

Then I danced

And danced

Until I could dance no more.

Thank you Lorrain and Derek for the best night ever! I am so happy for you two!

-Just another Purdy crazy day.

On with the show

I hope I've got this.

I've got this!

It's done!

I now have Derek permanently in my life!💗

Onto the party!

Just another Purdy crazy day.


We made it through the storm, now onto the best part!

First I need to help Lorrain into her beautiful dress.

Wow, you are beautiful Rain!

It's picture time before the ceremony!

She looks beautiful doesn't she Derek?

Let's go get these pictures done!

They sure take s lot of pictures!

Thanks Lorrain for cleaning my mascara up!


I see you

It's time?

It's time!

Let's get this wedding started!

-Just another Purdy crazy day.


Getting ready for the wedding!

Lorrain took care of making me beautiful!

She even let me wear mascara!

Look Lorrain, it's looking like rain is coming.

Don't worry we will make the best out of everything!

Tornado's can't hold us down!

We shall overcome!

Mom said we have to split the blog into a couple blogs so we can share more beautiful pictures.
I love you Lorrain and Derek!

-Just another Purdy crazy day.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Practice day

Today is practice day for Rain's wedding!!!

I got all dressed up HOURS before time.

Mom decided it was arts and crafts time.

This is a rainbow with two unicorns kissing.

The other one is love birds kissing.

Just like Rain and Derek!

Phia searched the house to find her dress.

Then she begged rain and she got to come to the practice too...

But only I got to practice!

Rain and Derek sure have to remember a lot of stuff!

I'm sure they've got it under control.

Phia get out of my story, this is why you don't get to come tomorrow. Rain won't hold you her whole wedding!

I love you Bella and Derek!

I love you Rainy, have an amazing day tomorrow!

-Just another Purdy crazy day.