Sunday, March 31, 2013


Happy Easter everyone!
 photo IMG_8802_zpsfde2fc9e.jpg
Happy Easter everyone!
 photo IMG_8798_zps478a5f36.jpg
I hope everybody had as much fun today as we had Gabers.
 photo IMG_8806_zps1debd556.jpg
I hope so too Sis!
 photo IMG_8798_zps478a5f36.jpg
I especially liked how daddy taught us how to fight.

That was a lot of fun Sis.

I hope we get to do that on a regular basis, it was so much fun!

Sis, I am better than you are.

You are not!

Want to wrestle it out Sis?

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Rain look, the EASTER BUNNY!
 photo IMG_8756_zps23bf1569.jpg
The Easter bunny loves me Sis!
 photo IMG_8767_zps3624f83e.jpg
 photo IMG_8758_zpscae063a7.jpg
Sis, the Easter bunny is cool!  What is wrong with you?
 photo IMG_8765_zps94fe666f.jpg
I'm a ninny!
 photo IMG_8754_zps39b7aef0.jpg
You sure are missing out!
 photo IMG_8761_zps9a67ff99.jpg
Candy in eggs, now there is something I am not afraid of!
 photo IMG_8780_zps283ed65b.jpg
There sure are a lot of people!
 photo IMG_8768_zpsada79521.jpg
 photo IMG_8786_zps4a780556.jpg
I don't need to see, really!
 photo IMG_20130330_122608_259_zps0bc00132.jpg
I like long hair. LEAVE ME ALONE!
 photo IMG_20130330_122647_933_zpsdfe48220.jpg
Gabers, I like your haircut!
 photo IMG_20130330_143011_zps5757103d.jpg
I like riding bikes through Walmart with Rain!
 photo IMG_20130330_143736_zps6835cabd.jpg
She is pretty cool huh!
 photo IMG_20130330_130046_769_zps1156e08f.jpg
 photo IMG_20130330_130211_231_zpsf0fa1ff7.jpg

Friday, March 29, 2013

high maintenance

Sis, sometimes you are high maintenance.
  photo IMG_8661_zps0b183f7f.jpg
I am?
  photo IMG_8675_zps8f76e74e.jpg
Oh yes, you are Sis!
  photo IMG_8663_zpsd84f09f1.jpg
What do I do that makes me high maintenance?
  photo IMG_8676_zpsc6544c6f.jpg
You breath Sis.
  photo IMG_8665_zpse529696a.jpg
 I don't understand Gabers.
  photo IMG_8678_zpsfdb05c2a.jpg
Sis, everything you do is high maintenance.
  photo IMG_8667_zps76dd9be7.jpg
You mean the fact that I know what I want and I am going to get it?  photo IMG_8686_zps1041d4cf.jpg
Sis, you demand your way ALL of the time.
  photo IMG_8668_zpsc0806f78.jpg
I call that assertive.
  photo IMG_8677_zps9fb029e6.jpg
Yup, high maintenance.
  photo IMG_8669_zpsb0c02451.jpg

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Looking for a new family

Hello, my name is Kitten Lee Purdy. I am looking for a new family. Before Mom and Dad had kids we had a good thing going... How can I take over the world when I am forced to watch PBS kids?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

amazing thing called antibiotic

Mom, put Rain music on!
 photo IMG_20130327_170534_229_zpsdad17d3a.jpg
Hurry up Mom!
 photo IMG_20130327_170620_240_zps40bea9ce.jpg
Thanks Mom!

I can tap dance too Sis!

Gabers, that is not how we tap dance, THIS is how we tap dance.

Like this Sis?

Much better Gabers!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

what did you do today?

I went to the doctor today.
 photo IMG_20130326_112538_705_zps5baab18a.jpg
I did not.
 photo IMG_20130326_180643_465_zps3244ba21.jpg
I played with Neko today.
 photo IMG_20130326_153609_zps99f60eee.jpg
I did not.
 photo IMG_20130326_180713_338_zpsce611fc0.jpg
I played with Kitten today.
 photo IMG_20130326_154013_zpsaf8a1533.jpg
I did not.
 photo IMG_20130326_180653_091_zpsdc77d34d.jpg
I played with Biggie today.
 photo IMG_20130326_154725_zps2bdaf3bd.jpg
I did not.
 photo IMG_20130326_180706_304_zps8beb0e1e.jpg

Monday, March 25, 2013


Mom is very sick. I tried to make her laugh with my funny diaper tricks

Sunday, March 24, 2013


 photo IMG_8650_zps744d0830.jpg
Double PARTY
  photo IMG_8654_zps9c28ffb9.jpg
 photo IMG_8656_zps10ef0ed1.jpg
Not a good idea Sis, I am the one in the Spiderman pj's and I wont even try that.
 photo IMG_8658_zps1c090b3f.jpg

Saturday, March 23, 2013

pj day

Mom said today is a 'hang out in your pj's day', Sis.
 photo IMG_8648_zpsecd7f8fd.jpg
It's a good thing I look so good in my Dora pj's Gabers!
 photo IMG_8648_zpsecd7f8fd.jpg
Spider man can kick Dora's back side.
 photo IMG_8645_zpsb6adbd94.jpg
No Gabers, that is just not true.
 photo IMG_8647_zps73974434.jpg
Hey Sis...
 photo IMG_8644_zpsa889cdde.jpg
Ya Gabers...
 photo IMG_8642_zpsa4ba91da.jpg
Thanks for this nasty cough!
 photo IMG_8641_zps41193ae9.jpg
Mom always tells me to share!
 photo IMG_8638_zpsa190a990.jpg