Monday, March 31, 2014

Tulip time

It's beautiful today!
Bye Bus, it's time for daddy and I to play!
I have big plans for this weather Daddy!
Isabella, what do you think of this weather?
It's fabulous!
What do you think Phia?
My ear hurts.
It gets better Phia!
Ya, with the nicer weather the faster we get healthier!
That sounds nice.
What a fun day!
Mom's notes-
Tulip Time...

Sunday, March 30, 2014


It's beautiful outside, I'm ready to go play!
Can you believe mom made me put on clothes. 
At least she did not make you put on a hat!
I'm just happy to be outside.
Says the girl mom did not put extra clothes on.
It IS nice to get some fresh air!
Look, you can climb up my hair!
Look over there.
Don't look at me!
Phia I really NEED the ball!
Run Sis!
Come back here!
Sis, watch!
Don't do it Isabella!
Mom's notes-
Isabella - "I like Spider-Man but he needs pink and flowers. Mom can't Spider-Man wear pink and flowers."
Me - "uh hum."
Isabella - "good I want him to be like a pink poodle Spider-Man."
Me - "uh hum."
Isabella - "or he could be all different colors and be a Rainbow Dash Spider-Man, can he do that?"
Me - "uh hum."
Isabella - "Spider-Man needs to change his clothes, he is not fabulous."
Me - "uh hum."

Isabella - "mom I have to toot, can you open the door?"
Me - "to air out the house?"
Isabella - "MOM, I haven't tooted, I need you to open the door."
Me - "so you can kill the flowers trying to grow outside?"
Isabella - "MOM, there is snow not flowers and I don't stink like daddy."
Me - "then you don't need the door open."
Isabella - "mom it's not fabulous to toot around others."
Me - "tell your dad that."
Isabella - "mom he is a boy, boys don't understand. Are you going to open the door or not?"
I open the door and out runs bells who proceeded to let out a very loud toot. Upon coming back inside:
Isabella - "ah I feel SO much better."
Me - "well I'm glad you did that outside."
Isabella - "I did not toot, it was Phia."
Oh Isabella

Isabella - "mom I have to go potty, can you save my balls? I don't want Phia touching my balls while I go potty!" 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Busy Saturday

Oh my goodness!
Sophia aren't you SO excited?
Oooooo look!
Sis what are you doing?
Come here little guy.
There is more to come Sis!
I'm so excited!
Okay mom, let's go to the big surprise!
Puppies, I love puppies, Gabers!
Baby chicks, I love baby chicks, Sis!
And ducks too Gabers!
Oh my it is a snake!
There is an alligator over here Gabers.
Hello Mr. Snake, are you looking at me?
Hello puppy, want to come him with me?
Hey chick would you like to come home with me?
I could hide you in my room.
Come on mom, PLEASE!
Gabers are you sure we can hide him so mom won't notice?
Mom's notes- no animals came home nor were any hurt in our adventures.
We have a membership to Meijer Garden so we get to see the butterflies as many times as possible. This weekend the Pet Expo was also in town.  The kids were extremely exited.
Every time we go out Gabriel is getting better with crowds. Today he had many chances to have meltdowns. The Gardens and expo were extremely busy which is a usual trigger. The expo also had a lot of barking dogs and loud noises are also triggers but Gabriel really held it together today! We did not have any complete meltdowns today. He had a couple moments but he is a 5 year old. I am so proud of how my children behaved today!!!