Monday, June 29, 2015

Family Pictures

So, Um, Well, We had family pictures taken through a fundraiser for Christmas cards... I miss placed the CD with the pictures and so now at the end of June here are the Purdy 2014 Christmas pictures. We are working on Purdy time ya' all. At least we are cute?!?!

Michigan Adventure

I pick the horse of course!
 Haha, you rhymed Sis!
This teacup is going to make me throw up. 
That wasn't a good rhyme Sis!
Oh whale, I rode the whale. 
You're going to have to try harder Sis, right Gabers?
The slide...
Is a great ride!
Better sis!
And you are right this slide is...
I slide!
I slide?
No slide!
Hey Phia, want to hit up the slide with me?
Not a chance Gabers!
I'm a shark!
A very lazy shark! 
Waiting for my prey to pull me close for a snack.
I can swim too!
So can I!
Super fast!
That was so much fun, I'm not tired at all!
Me neither!
Daddy is tired!
I think I might be a little tired too.
I might be a little too now that I think about it. 
I'm going to listen to you all sleep and ear this...zzzzzz.
Thank you Lorrain and Jade for coming too. Your help was priceless!!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fountain of youth

I am really a 87 year old great-grandmother...
But with just a little bit of strawberry banana yogurt...
Okay a lot a bit... Cover every inch!
Rub it in really good!
Just like new!