Saturday, June 13, 2015

Critter barn

 The Critter Barn brought animals to the festival in town.
I am taking a bunny home with me!
Come here little guy.
Yes you!
Now give me a little kiss.
It's official...
 Stealing you!
I like the mommy!
The babies are cute too.
I have a plan Gabers, I grab the food...
And you grab the bunny and run.
You two leave the bunnies alone...
Because I am stealing a chick!
This one looks nice.
But mom...
Can you believe it mr Goat?
Mom won't let us take and critters home. 
Mom's notes-
I wonder where these footprints lead...
Well that's one way to have a potty party...
She will be ready for when she has children and potty time is I NEED YOU NOW time.