Thursday, June 11, 2015


What a day!
Mom's notes-
We went to the pediatric dentist who is able to clean teeth while a kiddo is sedated. Gabriel sadly needs this because of sensory issues. The dentist we saw was AMAZING! However, the news was upsetting. Gabriel has cavities on both his top K9 teeth. Though small they are going to have to be capped. Typically K9 teeth fall out when the child is 10-12, with children with Ds they fall out between 12 and 15. The cavities can not go untreated and a simple filling will not work due to the length of time and location. She was happy with how healthy Gabriel's teeth are over all considering I have to hold him down and fight to brush his teeth each day. They will address other concerns if they come up while he is under. He will get a really good cleaning as well. This, of course, is very cheap, not. My mind is still spinning. They were amazing and tried to piggyback teeth with tube surgery but the doctors do not have rights to the others hospitals so we are unable to do that, dang! So August 14th Gabriel will begin his much anticipated journey to becoming a robot starting out with some amazing capped teeth.