Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fun Day

You will never guess who I found!
She is my favoritest paraprofessional.
How the heck did she know I have been asking for her?
Mrs. Melissa, I've missed you!
You made my day!
When does school start back up...
So we can hang out EVERY DAY?
Mom, can we hang out with Mrs. Melissa again SOON?!?
Hey Phia, I got to hang with Scoops too. 
Who needs scoops when Mrs. Melissa gets you a popsicle? 
There you are Daddy!
What is this thing?
I know what it is...
With a side of fun!
Let's do this EVERY day!

Monday, July 28, 2014


I love you Phia!
I love you Gabers.
We made a good team today!
Yes we did, Gabers
You have earned a mask to go undercover!
Thanks Gabers!
Let's go find things to get into!
Great idea Gabers!
Mom's notes-
We are missing our Bella!
She is hanging with Great-Grandma right now!

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Oh my goodness!!!
It's raining!!!
Don't let it touch my feet!
I'm made of sugar after all!
Stop raining!
I said stop NOW!
Spider-Man, you need to make it stop!
You can't make it stop?
What kind of super hero are you?
You save people from villains...
But can't stop a little rain?
Today is just not your day Spider-Man!
Really Gabriel?
Just taste the rain Gabriel. 
Taste it?
Like this?
Yum, I love the rain!
Thanks for all the help Spider-Man!
And Phia.