Friday, July 31, 2009

heading to Port Austin

Gabriel and I are leaving daddy at home and heading to Port Austin. My Grandma (Great Grandma to Gabriel) is turning 80 years young. Off we go to see her. Gabriel does not get to see her enough!

Gabe is staying at home because a 5 hour drive each way is just too much for him.

We are going to meet up with my parents and aunt to car pool from Lansing.

Can't wait to see her, I haven't been to her house in a few years. She comes to Lansing on a semi-regular basis.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

doctors, doctors and more doctors

Yesterday we visited the developmental doctor for Gabriel. Gabriel is doing Great. He passed another hearing test so he is doing great with hearing. The only worry we are all facing is making sure he is getting enough calories. We saw the dietitian who works out of the office to see what she thought we should do. We are going to transition him off of baby formula and onto Pediasure with fiber and whole milk. This will help with his digestive problems as well as get him more calories. Nestle makes a Pediasure product called Nutren and has a agreement with Devos where the developmental doctor or dietitian fills out paper work and we will receive a year supply for free. What no more $50 dollar baby formula bills a week. Whatever will we do with all of the money... Buy diapers because we get less in a box now that Gabriel is growing. By the way he weighed 15lbs 10oz at the office. He is gaining his weight back!

Today was eye doctor day. Gabriel's eyesight is doing well. Unfortunately, his eye crossing is getting worse. When they dilated his eyes today they turned completely toward his nose. The doctor said that it may take up to 36 hours for the effects of the medication to wear off. He is getting pretty frustrated looking at his nose. To combat the lazy eyes the eye doctor thinks it is best to start with some glasses. SO, in 7-10 days Gabriel will be the proud owner of a handsome pair of glasses. Wonder how we are going to teach him to keep them on his face and not in his mouth... Gabriel is so small that we had only two choices in glasses. This made it very easy on mom to pick the most handsome pair ;).

We are still waiting for insurance to okay Gabe's MRI.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So, Yes, I have been slacking on updates this summer. When I am at work it is easy for me to take a few seconds of my prep period to update. When I am home I am so easily distracted that I can't seem to find the time to get things typed out.

Uncle John was released from the hospital this morning. They still do not know what happened to cause all of this. They did find out that he is not getting enough oxygen to his heart and to his brain. They are going to figure out what needs to be done to fix this problem but they do not think that this is everything that caused what happened on Friday.

Gabe went back to the doctor about his back today. He is still having pain, nothing has really gotten better after surgery. The doctor thinks it can be one of two things: 1. His nerves are still angry with the surgery causing the pain or 2. the disk is herniated again. What, herniated again already how can that happen, he hasn't been doing anything. Well, in about 5% of people with back surgery the disk herniates again even before leaving the hospital. To repair the herniated disk they shave the part off that is sticking out and scar tissue holds the disk in place. The scar tissue takes about 2 weeks to form hence not being allowed to do ANYTHING for two weeks. With out the scar tissue to hold the disk in place things happen I guess. We are trying to get into a MRI asap but of course we are running into issues with insurance because this will be more than 1 MRI of the back in 6 months. Once we get the MRI we will know rather quickly so we will know if we are having to plan another surgery soon.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Uncle John update...

Uncle John had a okay night. They still do not know what caused all of this to happen. He was in pretty good spirits today. Gabriel came with us to visit him. I think that brightened his morning. He was out of his bed and in the chair beside it, which was nice to see.

We went down to the Coast Guard Festival today. They had the car show this morning. Gabriel slept the entire trip. He must have been warn out with the visit to Uncle John.

where is the good luck?

Well, we were on our way to the Detroit Tigers Double header on Friday. We won tickets to the second game from the Down syndrome Association of West Michigan picnic. We made it to the gas station just outside town when we got a phone call.

Gabe's father called to inform us that his brother John was in the ER and not doing well. We talked about it for a whole couple seconds before deciding that family needed us most. We turned around and Gabe headed to the hospital to see if there was anything we could do for Uncle John. My mother had been at our house visiting and was able to turn around and watch Gabriel for us.

Uncle John had not felt good for several days. He was not eating much and lost 8 lbs through out the week. He was working and not feeling well. Lucky for everyone he refused to go home. At some point he stopped breathing at least 3 times at work. They were able to hit his chest and get him back breathing until the ambulance came. He stopped breathing in the ambulance and in the ER several times. In the ER he would stop talking, his eyes would glaze over and he would look to be gone for several seconds, before snapping out of it and continuing where he left off. Doctors ran a variety of tests and have yet to find out what is going on. His blood pressure was into the 230's, they were able to drop it to the 180's by the time I was able to get there. They of course admitted him. He stopped breathing Friday night as well. Yesterday was full of tests. Hopefully they figured out what is going on. I will be calling Garry (Gabe's dad) a little later this morning to see how last night went and if they found anything in the tests. We are praying.

Today should be a good day. This week is Coast Guard Festival!! This morning is the pancake breakfast and car show. We will be walking downtown shortly:) Gabriel has yet to see the beach. He always manages to be asleep when I take him there... goodness. Hopefully I can update with good news about Uncle John's condition.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

lost weight

Gabriel had his weekly speech therapy appointment yesterday. He went from 15lbs 15oz to 15lbs even. He lost a whole 15oz in a week. Grr! Out therapist is calling the doctors office each week with Gabriel's weight. I will be calling this afternoon to schedule an appointment. I have a feeling we are behind on childhood shots as well so we might as well go in and discuss what is going on.

The only thing that has been different this last week is that we are not putting thickener in Gabriel's bottles. He has to work a little harder. He is still drinking the same amount of fluid. When there is no thickener in the bottles the calorie content is higher. We are trying some different things with his bottles in hope that he gains weight this week. We will see. I really do not want a replay of April when Gabriel spent a week at Devos because he lost so much weight.

Gabriel doesn't seem to be bothered by losing weight. He is still as active as he always is. Hopefully it doesn't bother him and he can gain it back quickly.

Gabe is doing okay. His back is still hurting. He is still getting shooting pain down his leg and numbness. We see the doctor Tuesday next week so we will see what he has to say.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spoke to the cardiologist

Gabriel's cardiologist called me back this morning. He said he was not worried unless Gabriel's nails, eyelids and/or lips are turning blue. He said that there are a variety of reasons that his limbs are turning blue but none of them worry him at this point after his last echo. If he does exhibit any of the blueness in his nails, eyelids and/or lips we are to take him to Devos ASAP! We can handle that.

Gabriel had Occupational Therapy today. He has met all of his goals that we set for him to achieve before he was one year old. He is doing amazing! He will have new goals next week. The physical therapist will bring them when she comes next week.

Gabriel's tooth is working its way out. Poor kiddo hurts. He is doing very well with it. He is just a little more weepy than normal. We froze some washcloths. He loves chewing on them and sharing them with Biggie. Weirdo's!

This morning Gabriel decided to share his tag blanket with Biggie. They are often sharing toys. Biggie carried Gabriel's tag blanket all over the living room and Gabriel crawled after him. Gabriel would catch him and pull the blanket over his head. Biggie would take it back and start all over wandering around the room. They went about this for over a hour. I wish I got it on video!

Happy birthday Grandma Hubert!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cheering a little louder

Gabriel had speech therapy this morning. She thinks he will cut his first tooth before coming in next week. Drool city! Gabriel is FINALLY off thickener in his formula. This means that he gets more calories in each bottle! My little chunk is up to 15lbs 15oz!!!!!! He went from 12lbs to almost 16 in 3 months after sitting at 12lbs for almost 4 months.

We are a bit worried about Gabriel. In the past week he has started turning blue in his feet and hands. His arms and legs are getting all modeled too. I have a call into the cardiologist to see if we need to worry. There does not seem to be any particular time or activity when he is blue. His main body, head or lips are not turning blue or modeled. We will see what the Cardiologist has to say.

I had a OB appointment today. They looked at both ultrasounds. The umbilical cord tore a bit at some point. The baby is growing great and things look to be doing pretty good. The doctor said that there much less of a reason to worry now that I have made it to my 9th week. Typically when this happens if the baby is not going to stick it would have happened between week 3 and week 8. So we are cheering a little louder. With being 9 weeks along, my due date is February 17th. :) Gabriel is going to be a big brother in 7 months! I am so excited!

Gabe has been back to work for two nights. He seems to be doing pretty well considering. He has come home early both nights. His boss is really happy to have him back. They are doing evaluations of the employees that work for him and his boss doesn't really know the workers as well as Gabe does. It has been good for Gabe to be back to work, it gives him something to do besides sit around that house wishing he was biking.

Flowers from The Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan:)
Kitten even loves them
Daddy works miracles putting BoogaBoo to sleep!
Naptime this afternoon
video of Gabriel talking

Gabriel and Biggie playing

The boys rough housing... Too cute! Have to see!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

back to work

Gabe went back to work last night. He came home a little early due to hurting so much. He should have come home sooner but he is a fighter. At least he got smart enough to come home early. He is going again tonight, hopefully he is feeling okay!

Gabriel is too funny. He fights sleep so badly sometimes. He will laugh until he passes out. He will talk one moment and the next he is drooling on himself sleeping.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Gabriel is working on his first tooth! It is on the top right! SO EXCITED! He is a bit crabby but who wouldn't be if a tooth was trying to work its way though their gums?

Gabe is doing okay. He is frustrated that his mountain biking season may be down the tubes. If he can start training the day after he sees the doctor again than he MAY be able to compete a little in August to the end of the season. We have had such amazing weather lately it is killing Gabe that he can't bike.

We are tentatively excited, Gabriel is going to be a big brother. We are expecting another little one in February. I had an ultrasound two weeks ago. I had been bleeding still. They found that there is a fluid sac (?blood) near the fetal pole (baby). The baby was smaller than the doctor had expected it to be. With all of this information they ordered another ultrasound for today. The baby had grown quite a bit and its heart is still going strong. The sac is still there and worrying the doctor. They are not sure what it is and if it will hurt the little one. They measured the sac to see if it is getting any bigger. I have an appointment at the OB office on Wednesday to see what the doctor thinks is going on. Honestly, Gabe and I are doing well with everything. We have Gabriel, he is an amazing little man. If it is time for him to be a big brother than it is time. If not then it is just not time. With all said, we are tentatively very excited!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Warm thoughts

I would like to personally thank The Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan. You guys are amazing. For those who don't know or remember the Association sent us a adorable stuffed puppy and balloons when Gabriel had his surgery. They went above and beyond again by sending us a LOVELY floral arrangement for Gabe's speedy recovery. I have pictures but am too tired to post them today. I will get on it tomorrow!!!

On the note of The Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan, Buddy walk is coming up! We will be putting together a team for Gabriel shortly. I am not sure of the name yet and would love help. I would LOVE for everyone to come join us for the walk October 10, 2009 at Millennium Park!!! I would love to raise enough money to be in the Buddy Walk Hall of Fame;) We are looking into team shirts so that we can all show our support on the 10th! If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Things are going pretty good here at the house. I am tired, Gabe hurts and Gabriel wants to play;) Gabe is still mad that is is not allowed to bike until he sees the doctor at the end of the month. He is so upset that another bicycle season is down the tubes due to having surgery. Pretty much the only thing he is allowed to do right now is walk. FYI, Gabe hates just walking, if he can get somewhere faster while exercising he is all for it. We have been walking up a storm here at the Purdy house. We walked to Home Depot today (a mile each way) to look at nothing so that we had a place to walk to and distance in mind. Gabriel LOVES walks. He gets to talk to everyone everywhere we go. He is the cutest baby ever, of course I am his mother and would say that, but he is so darn cute!

Gabriel had a swallow study today. He is no longer aspirating into his lungs with non-thickened formula! He is doing amazing swallowing solid food as well, thank goodness. The only problem is that he is use to not having to work as hard with the Y cut nipples and when he goes back to the stage 2 without thickener he has to work really hard. He just waits for thickener and the Y nipple. What a smart, lazy, little boy! We will be working on that, little does he know.

That is all I know tonight. I am off to bed. Have an amazing evening everyone!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We made the two hour drive back to Grand Haven today. We timed it so that Gabe had the most amount of medication on board that he could and stopped a few times along the way. It also happened to be timed with a Gabriel nap time which is always great. Gabriel ALWAYS sleeps in the car and if it is not a nap time he will not sleep at night to make up for the sleep he got in the car.

Both boys are asleep for the night and it is only 8pm. Gabe is watching the Detroit Tigers with his eyes closed.

My in-laws got us dinner tonight so that I did not have to run around and get something for us to eat. THANK GOODNESS. It is so nice to have so much help.

We got to see my sister in-law and the kids for a few seconds before they headed out on their long drive home. Hopefully we will be able to drive to see them in Pennsylvania before too long. I never had any first cousins so I hope that Gabriel gets to see his on a regular basis.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Gabe did not sleep well last night therefore I did not sleep well. Gabriel is on his own schedule right now and did not go to sleep until almost midnight. FUN.

We are still in Lansing at my families house. I know that many people are wondering why we had the surgery two hours away from our home. Gabe had shoulder surgery last year (July 9th)in Grand Haven. The pump that irrigates the site, so that the doctor can see what they are working on, broke. The feature that is responsible for gauging the pressure of the water broke. Gabe's shoulder filled up with water. The surgery was aborted. They worried about Gabe losing his arm because of the amount of pressure the water put on it. Gabe still has to have the original surgery on his shoulder and another surgery to fix some of the things the water pressure messed up. We have been putting it off due to having Gabriel. Gabe has some nerve damage that may or may not be reversible. My aunt is a RN at Sparrow in Lansing. She is a great resource when we come to Lansing for doctors. We switched from Gabe's doctor in Grand Haven who did his shoulder surgery to a great doctor in Lansing. When we found out that Gabe was going to have to have back surgery we did not think twice about calling my aunt to see who we should see here in Lansing.

The staff at Sparrow was amazing for Gabe!

We are thinking of making the drive back home. We are going to play it by ear. I know it will be nice to be home but we need to not rush it so that Gabe doesn't hurt worse.

Gabe and Gabriel are having a hard time with Gabe's not being able to pick Gabriel up. Three weeks of only mommy picking him up. Should be interesting! Right now I have help but once we are home we will be back in reality :). I am sure I will make it. Gabriel misses his "Dancing" with his daddy though!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Gabe is out of surgery and resting at my parents house which is about 25 minutes from the hospital. We have a two hour drive home and will only take it when it looks like Gabe will be able to make the ride with out too much pain.

Here is a picture of Gabe shortly before we headed to my parents.
Gabe is not able to pick Gabriel up for the next two weeks. He is not able to ride his bike for two weeks. It is going to be a long rough two weeks. Hopefully the pain becomes much less in two weeks! Only time will tell...

My Boys!

surgery on Big Gabe

They just took Gabe back. He will be in surgery for about a hour. So here I wait. While I wait I decided to post some pictures. The first few are Gabriel playing in his bath last night. He LOVES bath time!

Gabriel got to meet his cousins this weekend. He had such a blast.
Avery and Gabriel
Left to right: Avery, Ashley holding Gabriel, Alyssa and AJ.
Avery, Ashley and Gabriel
Avery and Gabriel

Gabriel all tired out with his puppy!

Gabe in his sexy hat for the day
Do you think these are Gabe's color?
Gabe - ready to get this over with!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

name game

I have confused more than a few people with my husband and son's names. So here is a little help. Gabe is my husband Garry, he is a junior and to separate him from his father his family always called him Gabe. I always refer to Gabriel, my son, as Gabriel on here to help everyone know the difference.

My husband Gabe is having back surgery tomorrow not my son Gabriel. I am so sorry to confuse people. I know that if you aren't in our house that the name game gets confusing very quickly.

Gabriel is doing amazing. He is continuing to gain weight. He is a tall skinny little boy. He is starting to be able to stand on his own. He doesn't know how to get to the standing position but when he is placed in it his legs are getting strong enough to hold him up. He has not figured out that he can move his legs but we have a lot of time to work on it. He has been growing up so fast these past few months!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Each and every time Gabriel is crawling he is getting stronger. He is now moving his legs under him and going strong. He still finds it easier to roll sometimes but he is working hard on crawling. Gabe got to see him the first time last night when Gabriel was stalking Biggie. Too funny!