Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spoke to the cardiologist

Gabriel's cardiologist called me back this morning. He said he was not worried unless Gabriel's nails, eyelids and/or lips are turning blue. He said that there are a variety of reasons that his limbs are turning blue but none of them worry him at this point after his last echo. If he does exhibit any of the blueness in his nails, eyelids and/or lips we are to take him to Devos ASAP! We can handle that.

Gabriel had Occupational Therapy today. He has met all of his goals that we set for him to achieve before he was one year old. He is doing amazing! He will have new goals next week. The physical therapist will bring them when she comes next week.

Gabriel's tooth is working its way out. Poor kiddo hurts. He is doing very well with it. He is just a little more weepy than normal. We froze some washcloths. He loves chewing on them and sharing them with Biggie. Weirdo's!

This morning Gabriel decided to share his tag blanket with Biggie. They are often sharing toys. Biggie carried Gabriel's tag blanket all over the living room and Gabriel crawled after him. Gabriel would catch him and pull the blanket over his head. Biggie would take it back and start all over wandering around the room. They went about this for over a hour. I wish I got it on video!

Happy birthday Grandma Hubert!!!