Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We made the two hour drive back to Grand Haven today. We timed it so that Gabe had the most amount of medication on board that he could and stopped a few times along the way. It also happened to be timed with a Gabriel nap time which is always great. Gabriel ALWAYS sleeps in the car and if it is not a nap time he will not sleep at night to make up for the sleep he got in the car.

Both boys are asleep for the night and it is only 8pm. Gabe is watching the Detroit Tigers with his eyes closed.

My in-laws got us dinner tonight so that I did not have to run around and get something for us to eat. THANK GOODNESS. It is so nice to have so much help.

We got to see my sister in-law and the kids for a few seconds before they headed out on their long drive home. Hopefully we will be able to drive to see them in Pennsylvania before too long. I never had any first cousins so I hope that Gabriel gets to see his on a regular basis.