Thursday, July 30, 2009

doctors, doctors and more doctors

Yesterday we visited the developmental doctor for Gabriel. Gabriel is doing Great. He passed another hearing test so he is doing great with hearing. The only worry we are all facing is making sure he is getting enough calories. We saw the dietitian who works out of the office to see what she thought we should do. We are going to transition him off of baby formula and onto Pediasure with fiber and whole milk. This will help with his digestive problems as well as get him more calories. Nestle makes a Pediasure product called Nutren and has a agreement with Devos where the developmental doctor or dietitian fills out paper work and we will receive a year supply for free. What no more $50 dollar baby formula bills a week. Whatever will we do with all of the money... Buy diapers because we get less in a box now that Gabriel is growing. By the way he weighed 15lbs 10oz at the office. He is gaining his weight back!

Today was eye doctor day. Gabriel's eyesight is doing well. Unfortunately, his eye crossing is getting worse. When they dilated his eyes today they turned completely toward his nose. The doctor said that it may take up to 36 hours for the effects of the medication to wear off. He is getting pretty frustrated looking at his nose. To combat the lazy eyes the eye doctor thinks it is best to start with some glasses. SO, in 7-10 days Gabriel will be the proud owner of a handsome pair of glasses. Wonder how we are going to teach him to keep them on his face and not in his mouth... Gabriel is so small that we had only two choices in glasses. This made it very easy on mom to pick the most handsome pair ;).

We are still waiting for insurance to okay Gabe's MRI.