Friday, July 10, 2009

Warm thoughts

I would like to personally thank The Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan. You guys are amazing. For those who don't know or remember the Association sent us a adorable stuffed puppy and balloons when Gabriel had his surgery. They went above and beyond again by sending us a LOVELY floral arrangement for Gabe's speedy recovery. I have pictures but am too tired to post them today. I will get on it tomorrow!!!

On the note of The Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan, Buddy walk is coming up! We will be putting together a team for Gabriel shortly. I am not sure of the name yet and would love help. I would LOVE for everyone to come join us for the walk October 10, 2009 at Millennium Park!!! I would love to raise enough money to be in the Buddy Walk Hall of Fame;) We are looking into team shirts so that we can all show our support on the 10th! If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Things are going pretty good here at the house. I am tired, Gabe hurts and Gabriel wants to play;) Gabe is still mad that is is not allowed to bike until he sees the doctor at the end of the month. He is so upset that another bicycle season is down the tubes due to having surgery. Pretty much the only thing he is allowed to do right now is walk. FYI, Gabe hates just walking, if he can get somewhere faster while exercising he is all for it. We have been walking up a storm here at the Purdy house. We walked to Home Depot today (a mile each way) to look at nothing so that we had a place to walk to and distance in mind. Gabriel LOVES walks. He gets to talk to everyone everywhere we go. He is the cutest baby ever, of course I am his mother and would say that, but he is so darn cute!

Gabriel had a swallow study today. He is no longer aspirating into his lungs with non-thickened formula! He is doing amazing swallowing solid food as well, thank goodness. The only problem is that he is use to not having to work as hard with the Y cut nipples and when he goes back to the stage 2 without thickener he has to work really hard. He just waits for thickener and the Y nipple. What a smart, lazy, little boy! We will be working on that, little does he know.

That is all I know tonight. I am off to bed. Have an amazing evening everyone!