Monday, June 30, 2014


Gabers, Phia, it's act crazy day!
I'm ready!
You two don't have to act!
Phia, you can be such a spoilsport!
Ya Phia, why are you such a spoilsport?
You are both bugging me.
Well excuse me!
Excuse me too, why are we being excused?
You two are something else!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck, we are here for a birthday party.
There sure is a lot of noise and activity.
Too much noise and activity!
I'm having fun!
I'm ready to head out!
This is a fun place Gabers!
It is too loud with too much going on for me.
Your not going to mess up our fun are you Gabriel?
Gabers can you pretend to have fun so we can stay a little longer?
Please Gabriel! 
I'm sorry girls I need to go now!
Okay Gabriel.
Okay Gabers.
Thanks for understanding girls.
Let's go get ice cream!
Great idea Phia!
I'm in!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Busy busy

We had a very busy day today!
Dada, mom, Gabriel, Isabella, Rain and I all went to the art festival.
It was a lot of artsy fun.
It was very hot today.
So after we dropped the boys off at home we went to the splash pad!
I stayed where the water was the warmest.
Isabella went in the cold water.
And then came back to the warm water!
Mom put Isabella back in the cold water.
She came back beside me before long.
What a fun day!
Now it's time for a cat nap so I can recharge for the night ahead.
mom's notes -

Friday, June 27, 2014

Special time

I had to get my casts redone for my cankle support.
I might have been a little uncooperative last time.
Afterward we went to the mall.
Where I met this beautiful girl!
Mom wouldn't let her come home and play.
I got to feed the sheep today.
They love me!
Hey little fella, be nice to the others.
I'm being careful that they won't bite me.
This tired sheep only has one tooth.
Yum water on a hot day!
Showers for everyone!
Well hello puppy.
Look he loves me.
We ARE taking this puppy home!
Mom's notes- My girls did not get the memo that they were born into a cat family. 

I am going to have to start a go-fund-me account to buy this dog to get the girls off my back for a while!!

Heading to the store today Sophia busted out with "bye dada". I fear I will have Isabella AND Sophia quotes soon! — feeling crazy.

Isabella- Dad, I need toilet paper.
Some time later
Gabe- Isabella I got you toilet paper.
Isabella- Did you see the towel?
Gabe- No why?
Isabella - It needs washed.
Yes, she did use a towel to clean her poopy bum.