Friday, May 31, 2013

The house through Gabriel's eyes

I stole Mom's cell phone...
 photo null_zpse1c2ff83.jpg
And took pictures...
 photo null_zpsf1259f2e.jpg
Da-ddy, wheese (cheese)!
 photo 750e6f92-c18c-4cda-9e2c-2f6a9eaffb5b_zps3c7c5bd5.jpg
Titten wheese!
 photo null_zpsbdeb141d.jpg
Phia wheese!
 photo null_zps5169f0d8.jpg
Mommy wheese!
 photo null_zpsa6b00c29.jpg
Titty (kitty-BigFoot) wheese!
 photo null_zpse90f7691.jpg
Titten wheese!
 photo null_zps85ee0739.jpg
Lala wheese!
 photo null_zpsf56a703d.jpg
Phia wheese!
 photo null_zpsa2ed78fa.jpg

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Oh bath time...
 photo null_zps89704ac5.jpg
I HATE bath time!
 photo null_zpsb62db19b.jpg
At least I look cute for saying goodbye to Uncle Ikki and Aunt Cindy!
 photo null_zps0863f9ac.jpg
Maybe a few more minutes of beauty sleep will make me that much prettier!
 photo null_zps13a9eb4d.jpg
Hey Sis, is there something wrong with this picture?
 photo null_zps66aa9a52.jpg
You need to brush your hair?
 photo null_zps95896c25.jpg
No Sis, I have Phia's 'stache passy!
 photo null_zpsbdfb278f.jpg
Do we really have to say bye to Uncle Ikki and Aunt Cindy?
 photo null_zps340466a8.jpg
I am holding them here!
 photo null_zps4de95593.jpg
Bye Aunt Cindy...
 photo null_zpsf8e01bb6.jpg
Bye Uncle Ikki...
 photo null_zps1a759819.jpg
Sis are you ready to lock them in your room when they go to get your luggage so we can keep them?!?!
 photo null_zps3d338bac.jpg
Mom's notes- Uncle Ikki and Aunt Cindy have been saved and were allowed on their way.
 photo null_zps63cb3be2.jpg
Sophia and I have had a rough couple of days. We both have Thrush. To say we are both uncomfortable all of the time and in tears at feeding time is an understatement. I am currently pumping in order to try to keep us from passing it back and forth sharing this awful infection.
Gabriel is extremely interested in anything that has to do with my boo-boo's. After cleaning the equipment a little man got into my pump bag. He turned the motor to the pump on and this is what I saw.
 photo null_zpsab98c232.jpg
And then he decided Sophia could get her own milk.
 photo null_zpsf8137ad6.jpg

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Uncle Ikki

Uncle Ikki is here!
 photo null_zpsf6af3562.jpg
 photo IMG_0240_zps11a503ea.jpg
Yup, he brought Cindy with him.
 photo IMG_0260_zps055db743.jpg
They are getting married next year, Sis.
 photo IMG_0233_zpsa38c3859.jpg
 photo IMG_0232_zps26f8a33e.jpg
I love seeing them!

Me too!
 photo IMG_0225_zps7982a777.jpg
Sis papa came over today too!
 photo IMG_0301_zps8df4bee6.jpg
Mom's notes - Phia had her one month visit at the doctor today. She is now 8lbs 2oz and 21 inches long.
 photo null_zpsc985f2cc.jpg
He was shocked at her already holding weight on her legs and then he remembered who her sister is. Phia decided to continue to show off and flipped from back to stomach and lift her head to make sure we saw her feat.
  photo null_zpsf09eb147.jpg

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Check this out Sis!
 photo null_zpsb9883e48.jpg
That's SO cool Gabers.
 photo null_zpsc59cb243.jpg
I know I am.
 photo null_zpsa1c7c3ff.jpg
Where did you learn that?
  photo null_zps4bccbb6a.jpg
Mommy did it to Phia last night. It's called a cat beard.
 photo null_zpsd1bb016a.jpg
I like my dog beard better!
 photo null_zps7daeec6a.jpg
 photo null_zpsc81ccda4.jpg
There is no such thing as a Phia beard!!!!
 photo null_zpse4e20e9f.jpg
 photo null_zps36257256.jpg

Monday, May 27, 2013

Please adopt me!

You will never believe what mom did to me today.
 photo null_zps6af0c167.jpg
Of course she let Gabriel and Isabella play with me.
 photo null_zps7f01de18.jpg
Yes, if you have mom on your facebook you know she let BigFoot smack me repetitively in the head with his tail.
 photo null_zps429d6b4b.jpg
This was more humiliating than all of that.
 photo null_zps367f176c.jpg
Have you ever heard of having a cat beard?
  photo null_zpsabdb965f.jpg
Me neither until it happened.
  photo null_zps3b97db7e.jpg
I should have looked it up on Google and run away as fast as possible...
  photo null_zpsae7610df.jpg
because it happened to me THREE times today.
 photo null_zps7dbbccb1.jpg
One for BigFoot...
 photo null_zpsd2f51e6b.jpg
One for Neko...
 photo null_zpsb11c73d5.jpg
and one with Kitten.
 photo null_zpsb94c1ce0.jpg
I need a new family, will someone please adopt me?!?
 photo null_zps81a0b17e.jpg
Mom notes - What?
 photo null_zpsa5f7af9f.jpg