Thursday, January 31, 2013


May we PLEASE use the iPad mommy?
 photo IMG_6805_zpsaf62c9e0.jpg
We will play educational games.
 photo IMG_6795_zpsb9eb066c.jpg
And share!
 photo IMG_6791_zpse63b4ead.jpg
What should we play first Gabers?
 photo IMG_6797_zps3fcda529.jpg
DA BOT!!! (the robot)
 photo IMG_6802_zpse591fcc7.jpg
Mom's notes - Gabriel is very into robots right now.  Everything that has a robot in it is his favorite.  His favorite iPad app at this exact moment is 'Talking Roby' (free).  He loves to talk and hear Roby repeat what he is saying.
My little man had me in hormonal tears on the way home tonight.  The weather here in Michigan is very cold and snowy, creating very rough driving conditions.  Tonight all I wanted to do was get home from work, pick the kids up from daycare and put my feet up for the night.  I got the kids and was on the way home when I heard a little voice from behind me..."pease, pease, pease (please)" It kept getting longer demanding that I address it.  I asked Gabriel what he wanted and his reply was 'pease, Mimi, pease, pease, Mimi pease'.  (Side note - Gabriel calls Papa, Mimi because that is just what Gabriel does.)  Of course I could not say no to that.  My little man asking for something he wants using his words and being so dang polite. I am tearing up thinking about it!  After visiting with Mimi and Papa we started on another road adventure home and my little voice started again, 'pease, pease, pease'.  What did Gabriel ask for next? 'pease, dadda, pease, pease, dadda pease'. I can't wait to hear from someone that he asked for me like that.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

u heard dat?

Sis, sometimes you need to kiss a snowman!

Sometime you need to send a giraffe to time out Gabers.

Sometimes your noman (snowman) disappears Sis.

Sometimes you just want to be topless Gabers.

Sometimes it is my turn Sis!

Sometimes you talk too much Gabers.

Speak for yourself Sis!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

spirit fingers

What are you doing tonight Sis?
  photo IMG_6695_zps155060d1.jpg
I am about to get my dance on Gabers.
  photo IMG_6697_zpse3645e93.jpg
Oh really?
 photo IMG_6695_zps155060d1.jpg
 photo IMG_6705_zps0fd42916.jpg
What does getting your dance on involve Sis?  photo IMG_6716_zps66d51847.jpg
I will show you each of the moves so you can see Gabers.
 photo IMG_6702_zps64bd89f1.jpg
Oh, this should be interesting.
  photo IMG_6709_zps4cdb3fc5.jpg
This is the back bend Gabers.
 photo IMG_6701_zpsc9fdc9f5.jpg
Very bend like Sis.
 photo IMG_6726_zps00f2474d.jpg
These are my spirit fingers.
 photo IMG_6711_zpsf855c2a3.jpg
Very spirit like Sis.
 photo IMG_6707_zpsbcf96c4c.jpg
These are my devil horns.
 photo IMG_6714_zps560e70e5.jpg
Very devil like Sis.
 photo IMG_6706_zpsacc34221.jpg
This is my 'Phia Belly!
 photo IMG_6731_zps4d96fe30.jpg
I think I will pass on this whole getting your dance on thing Sis.
 photo IMG_6700_zps1a1c84e0.jpg
Spoil sport!
 photo IMG_6705_zps0fd42916.jpg

Monday, January 28, 2013


Sis, have you seen Daddy's mustache lately.
 photo IMG_6638_zps9526d47f.jpg
I love it when he tickles me with it Gabers.
 photo IMG_6692_zps32726b7f.jpg
Like this?!?
 photo IMG_6649_zpsb3a75212.jpg
Yes, like that!
 photo IMG_6682_zps0ce8b4c2.jpg
It is weird, I want him to stop but I want MORE at the same time Sis.
 photo IMG_6661_zps49d4bea1.jpg
I know, it is so awesome.
 photo IMG_6674_zps4e0ee521.jpg
I wonder why mom hates mustache's Sis.
 photo IMG_6654_zps1da5ba30.jpg
She says Grandpa use to do the same thing as Daddy when she was little.
 photo IMG_6677_zps0667e30e.jpg
I sure hope Grandpa tickles us too Sis!
  photo IMG_6646_zps2ec50d07.jpg
Grandpa, Papa and Daddy all have mustache's
  photo IMG_6679_zps06d35619.jpg
Ooo, don't forget Uncle Ikki Sis!
  photo IMG_6653_zps4013c301.jpg
Pure mustache heaven!
 photo IMG_6688_zpsbc651386.jpg
 photo IMG_6644_zps5e4cbd2f.jpg
Mom's notes-I had my glucose test today for Sophia. ICKY! Lucky I have this to listen to at home!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

last laugh

Sis, share!
 photo IMG_6605_zps04be4736.jpg
Are you talking to me?
 photo IMG_6606_zpsd2f3ffd4.jpg
I was Sis.
 photo IMG_6610_zps28ea64d0.jpg
Are you going to share your food Gabers?
 photo IMG_6616_zps2bfcee17.jpg
My yogurt?
 photo IMG_6621_zps9000f367.jpg
Yes, are you going to share your yogurt with me Gabers?
 photo IMG_6613_zpsc7e1fa6b.jpg
Well, um, I hadn't really planned on it Sis.
 photo IMG_6619_zpscb937353.jpg
So let see if I understand this right Gabers, you want me to share but you aren't planning on sharing?
 photo IMG_6626_zpsae00e6f5.jpg
But I let you use the iPad so I could use two hands to eat Sis.
 photo IMG_6630_zpsfffd9276.jpg
 photo IMG_6627_zps7763d97d.jpg
I love you Sis...
 photo IMG_6637_zpscf3f6c3b.jpg
I love you too Gabers.
 photo IMG_6628_zps76c38127.jpg
But, I ate all the yogurt while you argued.
 photo IMG_6629_zpsb0d934e0.jpg

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Sis, check this out...
 photo 2013-01-26_16-03-02_143.jpg
 photo 2013-01-26_16-02-10_970.jpg
I'm Popeye!
 photo 2013-01-26_16-03-03_845.jpg
Are you serious Gabers?
 photo 2013-01-26_16-02-06_279.jpg
I eat you!
2013-01-26_16-03-06_931 photo 2013-01-26_16-03-06_931.jpg
No Gabers!
 photo 2013-01-26_16-02-08_748.jpg
I nibble?!
2013-01-26_16-03-00_401 photo 2013-01-26_16-03-00_401.jpg
I am out of here Gabers!
 photo 2013-01-26_16-09-00_667.jpg