Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Beep-Beep, my turn Gabers.
 photo IMG_6482_zps21b792dc.jpg
That was not really the timer Sis.
 photo IMG_6479_zpsc00829fc.jpg
I was being the timer so it is now my turn.
 photo IMG_6481_zpsd36d1913.jpg
That is not how it works Sis.
 photo IMG_6478_zpsabee0bbc.jpg
Barbie agreed with me, it is my turn Gabers, isn't that right Barbie.
 photo IMG_6486_zps71f5a52d.jpg
The real timer just went off, it is now your turn.
 photo IMG_6476_zpscc1e654f.jpg
Want to watch with be Gabers.
 photo IMG_6498_zps9f62ebbb.jpg
Wow, that is nice of you Sis.
 photo IMG_6497_zpsab37f6bf.jpg
Now you have to share your turn too Gabers.
 photo IMG_6496_zpsad8f4986.jpg
That is not how this works Sis.
 photo IMG_6492_zps90ad6b88.jpg
I say it is and what I say is law.
 photo IMG_6489_zps1db467e2.jpg