Friday, January 31, 2014

stop, drop and rock

Steroids allow me to do anything

Steroids are fun


what rocks...

must drop...
at some point.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Today's appointment

Mom picked me up early from school.
We met up with daddy.
And they made do tests.
I am not sure if I passed them or not...
Because daddy started putting glasses on...
Doesn't he remember how poor this glasses thing went for him last time?
This is too much, I need to sleep on it.
Mom's notes- 
We got Gabriel to keep his glasses on for a whole five minutes ONCE last time. He was right about a year old last time. We will see how this time goes but it is obvious he needs glasses at this point.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


What are you doing back there Gabriel?
What are you talking about Phia?
What are you and daddy doing?
Nothing Phia.
You are being silly back there!
What are you talking about Phia?
I see you!
I'm just kissing daddy!
Mom's notes-
Sophia climbs walls while on steroids!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oh my Phia...

Gabriel are you awake?
I love you brother!
Awe, Phia needs more of those meds!
Gabriel do you know what Phia said?
What did you say Phia?
Don't look at me, I didn't say anything.
Mom's notes- 
We took the kids out because we were all having cabin fever.
Gabriel decided he is a t-Rex
We all lived ;-)
Isabella 'I hurt my finger'
Me 'Want me to chop it off?'
Isabella 'no mom, it needs ice'
Me 'do you need a bandaid too?'
Isabella 'no mom, I'm not bleeding to death so I'm not allowed.'
Me 'ice huh?'
Isabella 'yes mom. Ice for my finger and ice for my mouth'
Me 'why do you need ice for your mouth'
Isabella 'because you make me talk too much'
"My twilight sparkle says, 'you need to put a dress on Phia, then she can be beautiful like us.' I told twilight that a dress isn't enough for Phia. Phia is crazy right now."

Monday, January 27, 2014


What a nasty night.
I felt like complete poo!
It hurts so much to breath!

Suck it up buttercup. 
Leave me alone Isabella. 
We know Sophia!
How do YOU know?
This isn't fair!
I know because I have been sick before.
I also know you are full of drama.
It takes a drama queen to know one Isabella!
Mom's notes

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Outside fun

Race you Gabers!
Gabers, you cheat!
And you forget what you are doing Sis.
Check me out Gabers.
That's high Sis!
Be careful!
I've got it Gabers!
You scared me Sis!
I'm queen of the world!!!!
I want to go inside!
Phia, you need to walk and you will understand how awesome the snow is!
Awesome and tasty!
No Sis, not tasty, that is nasty!
Watch out Gabers here I come!
Are you going to jump off that big hill!
Nope I'm going to slide on my bum bum!
Wake me when it is time to go inside.
Outside is too much for Phia huh Sis?
Yup, she isn't fun yet, she has some growing to do.
I hope she grows fast, I want her to play with us!