Sunday, January 19, 2014


I love you Phia.
Sssshhh, I'm sleeping Gabriel.
You're awake now Phia, I still love you.
May I please have some space Gabriel.
Phia I love you SO much.
Gabriel you can love me as much as you want as long as there is space between us.
I brought you buckets because I love you Phia.
Buckets are good Gabriel, thank you!
Look Phia, you are a bucket head!
Space Gabriel, I need space.
But I just love you too much Phia, I want to sing it from the mountains.
I love you too Gabriel, I love you too!
Mom's notes-
HUGE milestone!!!!!

In tears! Gabriel is playing a puzzle game on the iPad. It is a bit over his level of patience, he is capable of figuring it out but just doesn't want to take the time (he wants to watch the short clip when the puzzle is done). Instead of getting mad and screaming, throwing the iPad, hitting the iPad and/or kicking anything around of him he busted out with "need help" when I looked at him trying to comprehend what he just said he said and signed "please". I continued to stare at him in disbelief. He walked over to Gabe with his iPad, crawled in Gabe's lap and said "need help, please". Not just words, words during frustration: not just one word, words strung together... Still in shock. Proud shock but shock!