Monday, January 6, 2014

Cold going to the brain

Check me out!
What is wrong with you Gabriel? 
Ooo cheetah snow.
We have been stuck on this house too much!
Check it out!
This is called snow ice cream
Phia you can't have any because you are just a baby!
Mom is going to let us outside. 
She said we had to put a billion layers of clothes on...
I know Gabers, it is kind of hard to move.
We kind of look like that kid on that Christmas movie.
I want a BB gun!
I want a Red Rider BB gun!
I want a PINK Rider BB Gun!!!
Dad, are you sure she is my sister?
Mom's notes- 

Well, lost the 'Mother of the Year' award already. Ah snow day funnies:
Isabella - "mom what happens if you fart and poop at the same time?
Me - "you turn into an old man like your daddy."
Isabella - "I'm a girl mom"
Me - "why did you poo?"
Isabella - "a little, it was an accident."
Me checking her underwear... "There is no poo in here."
Isabella - "mom those unders were dirty, I took them off, duh mom."
Me- "Isabella where did you put them?"
Isabella - "I hid them, it was an accident"
Me - "an accident, got it. Where are the dirty underwear"
Isabella- "in my bed under my blanket"
Me- "ew, you were going to slept with poopy underwear, why would you do that Isabella?"
Isabella - "it was an accident"
Me- "I know girl but you put nasty unders in your bed, that is not an accident."
And then it all hit me and I started cracking up.
Me - "Isabella next time why don't you hide your underwear somewhere less nasty, like: the garbage or in the washer."