Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 year in review

Isabella turns 5
Sophia turns 2
Gabriel's first prom
Gabriel turns 7
Mom and dad's anniversary
Gabriel's first day of 1st grade
Isabella's first day of Kindergarten
Gabriel tubes, teeth cleaning and cavity repair 
2015 has been  a great year! Thank you to our family and friends for being there with us. We are looking forward to an amazing year in 2016!

Friday, December 11, 2015

He did WHAT?!?

What's the big deal with a picture of Gabriel drinking chocolate milk?
So so so so many steps and years have gone into this simple task!
1. Gabriel has had problems with silent (and at times not so silent) aspiration from the time he was very little. 
2. Due to liquids going into his lungs we have had to thicken drinks.
3. Gabriel hates the texture of thickened drinks and refuses to even touch them.
4. Gabriel easily dehydrates due to his lack of fluid intake.
5. The one thing Gabriel drinks has to be drank out of a specific kind of cup or he will not drink it (Gabriel drinks Kefir which is yogurt like drink). He does like shakes but they have to be through a straw and a specific consistency.
6. This summer we tried to push small amounts of water in many different ways. Each way caused choking, caughing and/or clearing of his throat after sips.
7. Gabriel has NEVER shown interest in drinks besides his Kefir and shakes. 
What the heck happened?
Sophia got a chocolate milk at dinner. Gabriel asked for it. Gabe gave it go him. Gabriel proceeded to instruct Gabe in how to open the container. Once open Gabriel said thank you and took a big drink. He proceeded to take many more drinks like he does it all of the time as Gabe and I watched in shock. There was no chocking, caughing or clearing of Gabriel's throat. One small chocolate milk, one giant step for Gabers!