Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday funday

I got to go fishing with Rain and her parents.
 photo null_zps7fc276e9.jpg
So what, I got to make Sulley tracks around town.
 photo null_zps374871b9.jpg
I get to go to the doctor tomorrow...
 photo null_zpsae1b7d88.jpg
And to get even, I stole the iPad!
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

dancing in the pond

Sis wait up!
 photo null_zpsee34cf98.jpg
We need to check it all out before time is up!
 photo null_zps0cc9e364.jpg
Before time is up?
 photo null_zps59da53bf.jpg
Yup, that is what I said Gabers.
 photo null_zpsa0eeb885.jpg
What do you mean by it?
  photo null_zpsfdb30450.jpg
You will see...
 photo null_zps0e09c78e.jpg
When Sis?
 photo null_zps32b4a8a8.jpg
Right about NOW.
 photo null_zps2dfd578c.jpg
 photo null_zps09ff3bb8.jpg
I know, Pretty cool huh!?!
 photo null_zpsac64e067.jpg
So much fun Sis!!
 photo null_zpsf629d490.jpg
Good thing mom brought the umbrella for Phia!
 photo null_zpsc4c42e33.jpg
Phia, I am glad you stayed dry, I was so worried about you.
 photo null_zps827ed157.jpg
Mom notes - Why yes you did get two posts today. I was feeling extra productive plus I did not want you to miss the rain storm we walked 3/4 of a mile in with all three kids.

Saturday Special

Our friend Mr. Blair at Blair Ross Jr Photography took a few pictures of us to update the blog main photo and our individual photo's. Check these out!
 photo SpringMiniSession2013219of350_zpse27512f5.jpg
 photo SpringMiniSession2013220of350_zpsb2c55f9f.jpg
 photo SpringMiniSession2013225of350_zpseadceac7.jpg
 photo SpringMiniSession2013226of350_zps180d2755.jpg
 photo SpringMiniSession2013232of350_zps0a90a481.jpg
 photo SpringMiniSession2013246of350_zpse8aba46a.jpg
 photo SpringMiniSession2013247of350_zpsb0bb3c21.jpg
 photo SpringMiniSession2013254of350_zpscde939db.jpg
 photo SpringMiniSession2013256of350_zps40025ae4.jpg
 photo SpringMiniSession2013261of350_zps84285aa2.jpg
 photo SpringMiniSession2013273of350_zps9d491a83.jpg
 photo SpringMiniSession2013286of350_zps08b6ef01.jpg
 photo SpringMiniSession2013292of350_zps84798612.jpg
 photo SpringMiniSession2013310of350_zps178093bc.jpg
 photo SpringMiniSession2013313of350_zpsf7e26d03.jpg
 photo SpringMiniSession2013315of350_zps2be8271e.jpg
 photo SpringMiniSession2013317of350_zps6acbab13.jpg
 photo SpringMiniSession2013328of350_zps873cda38.jpg
 photo SpringMiniSession2013332of350_zpse2af9f01.jpg
 photo SpringMiniSession2013337of350_zpsa022595c.jpg
 photo SpringMiniSession2013339of350_zpscf9434b1.jpg
 photo SpringMiniSession2013344of350_zps50538a9e.jpg

Friend Friday

We went to Lily and Wyatt's house today!
 photo 9ae7829e-56f6-4bef-b2f3-c48fdc1fd823_zps47faa12f.jpg
Yes we did. Did you say that my Wyatt was there?
 photo 39a6c820-935a-4fbd-9e33-761b1c091f62_zps9ae744f0.jpg
Yes I did Sis, I also said my Lily was there.
 photo 020534d9-6f91-4198-aa90-8d9d87f13f9c_zps023f17fc.jpg
I had so much fun playing with my Wyatt and his frogs!
 photo 1ce46ed0-eb65-4872-be54-babc688a03d8_zpsbf117ef1.jpg
My Emma was there too.
 photo af62266d-9855-4ebe-acf4-dfd537144c15_zps1f892a3b.jpg
Look at my Wyatt holding Phia!
 photo 7f588612-4884-4bba-9694-84389561d450_zps40ac8a6d.jpg 
Thank goodness Miss Harley was there with Mrs. Angie to help watch Crazy Phia!
 photo 1ccde0a9-7436-41b2-a40b-d24a7c77fb48_zpsf00f8dd7.jpg
I had so much fun with everyone!
 photo 8246db0c-172a-4022-8674-7e324b95af6c_zpscd46e792.jpg
I had fun but I still did not want to sit for pictures.
 photo d423a75c-dfc2-4a6a-979a-dffb87fea0c2_zps05269a60.jpg
I love pictures.
 photo c4456422-7b38-441c-960f-4a6d0346b446_zps17ebaa30.jpg
I love my girls!
 photo 4050f1c9-2916-4b02-a2c7-a9e2db0c0462_zps321a0b2c.jpg