Thursday, July 31, 2014


Papa, Riley is here!
Look at her!
Wait up Riley!
Let's go for a drive!
Where would you like to go sweety?
The roller coaster it is!
I'm so glad that you love the roller coaster too!
We can ride them FOREVER!
You even think the front is the best seat in the house?
You are a girl after my own heart!
We are going to have SO much fun in class next year. 
They have no idea what the Riley/Gabriel team is capable of!
Here is to the best school year ever!
We are going to tear that place up!
Seriously tear it up!
Gabriel, mom said you need to calm down!
Who is this Gabriel you speak of?
Did you miss me?
Well, did you?
Mom's notes-
Today they opened the carnival for two hours to children with special needs and their parents only. They turned most of the sounds off and kept the games closed. It was a blast. The lines were pretty short so we did not have as many breakdowns as we normally would! We saw a lot of friends downtown able to take advantage of this amazing opportunity! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Missing Isabella

Phia, I miss Isabella.
Me too!
If I'm ironman, think I can fly to bring her home?
Try it!
I think I am safer on the ground. 
Awe, come on and jump!
I will wait until Sis is home to see my flying!
Hey Phia..
Want to come to my hurry home Sis party?
Isabella, hurry home, Gabriel needs you!
I might miss you too!
Meanwhile at Grandma and Grandpa Hubert's house...
Hurry to the Mini.
Come on you can fit in the Mini too. 
Awe your cute. 
Hurry up guys!
Grandma won't notice.
We are all going to have SO much fun at our new house!
Phia and Gabers are going to be so excited!
Gracy you need to clean up a little for the ride.
Hold still.
Look at how beautiful you are. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fun Day

You will never guess who I found!
She is my favoritest paraprofessional.
How the heck did she know I have been asking for her?
Mrs. Melissa, I've missed you!
You made my day!
When does school start back up...
So we can hang out EVERY DAY?
Mom, can we hang out with Mrs. Melissa again SOON?!?
Hey Phia, I got to hang with Scoops too. 
Who needs scoops when Mrs. Melissa gets you a popsicle? 
There you are Daddy!
What is this thing?
I know what it is...
With a side of fun!
Let's do this EVERY day!