Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pre-op updates

Well, we are finally done with Gabriel's pre-op tests and back at the hotel starting to wind down for the evening. We had some new and not so exciting news today during the echo cardiogram. We knew something was amiss when the technician kept going back to a certain screen and studying it for way too long. He then left the room and came back with another Doctor to check it out. They proceeded to do the dreaded whisper.... why do they do the whisper? It seems to me they either shouldn't allow the family in during testing or they should include them or maybe ask them to step out. Because you know as soon as they start whispering we all assume the worst.

It turns out that they found a third hole in Gabriel's heart which is not really that big of a deal, but the other thing they might have found was that the ligaments that are attached to the back of the valves were crossing through one of the holes to the opposite ventricle. This creates a problem when they are trying to close or patch the hole in his heart. They do not know for sure that this is the case, and they wont until they open him up tomorrow. It is not something they have never seen, it is just something else that complicates things.

Gabriel is out like a light and Erin is fading fast. We want to make a video tonight, but I dont think Gabriel is going to cooperate!

Surgery is at 7:30 tomorrow morning, it is supposed to last for about 4 hours. We will try to update when we can, love you all!