Monday, June 16, 2014

Don't believe her

Dad, mom is going to post some fancy story about our day.
It's a lie, that is not how our day went!
Look everyone, mom FINALLY let us play in the sandbox!
It has a lid so no cat poo, it has had a lid for years now...
It has had cinnamon in it for a whole month and still no bugs. 
It is under the swingset so it is extra protected against water.
So we FINALLY got to play in our sandbox.
Whatever she was trying to butter us up so we dont tell you the real story, here is the real story of our day...
She made us clean!
We even had to wash the walls!
There has GOT to be rules against this!
Look, she even made Phia clean.
Mom's notes -
In complete shock. Sophia just went to the diaper cabinet, got a diaper out and handed it to me. She had a stinky diaper. (Why yes she is 13 months young)
Me- Isabella quit playing in the bathroom trying to avoid cleaning!
Isabella- I'll be there when I am done mom.
Me- I can hear you, you are playing in the sink.
Isabella- Just chill mom, I'll get to it when I'm done.
Me- quit playing and get cleaning.
Isabella- JUST CHILL!
Needless to say she is cleaning RIGHT NOW!