Monday, July 13, 2009


Gabriel is working on his first tooth! It is on the top right! SO EXCITED! He is a bit crabby but who wouldn't be if a tooth was trying to work its way though their gums?

Gabe is doing okay. He is frustrated that his mountain biking season may be down the tubes. If he can start training the day after he sees the doctor again than he MAY be able to compete a little in August to the end of the season. We have had such amazing weather lately it is killing Gabe that he can't bike.

We are tentatively excited, Gabriel is going to be a big brother. We are expecting another little one in February. I had an ultrasound two weeks ago. I had been bleeding still. They found that there is a fluid sac (?blood) near the fetal pole (baby). The baby was smaller than the doctor had expected it to be. With all of this information they ordered another ultrasound for today. The baby had grown quite a bit and its heart is still going strong. The sac is still there and worrying the doctor. They are not sure what it is and if it will hurt the little one. They measured the sac to see if it is getting any bigger. I have an appointment at the OB office on Wednesday to see what the doctor thinks is going on. Honestly, Gabe and I are doing well with everything. We have Gabriel, he is an amazing little man. If it is time for him to be a big brother than it is time. If not then it is just not time. With all said, we are tentatively very excited!