Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cheering a little louder

Gabriel had speech therapy this morning. She thinks he will cut his first tooth before coming in next week. Drool city! Gabriel is FINALLY off thickener in his formula. This means that he gets more calories in each bottle! My little chunk is up to 15lbs 15oz!!!!!! He went from 12lbs to almost 16 in 3 months after sitting at 12lbs for almost 4 months.

We are a bit worried about Gabriel. In the past week he has started turning blue in his feet and hands. His arms and legs are getting all modeled too. I have a call into the cardiologist to see if we need to worry. There does not seem to be any particular time or activity when he is blue. His main body, head or lips are not turning blue or modeled. We will see what the Cardiologist has to say.

I had a OB appointment today. They looked at both ultrasounds. The umbilical cord tore a bit at some point. The baby is growing great and things look to be doing pretty good. The doctor said that there much less of a reason to worry now that I have made it to my 9th week. Typically when this happens if the baby is not going to stick it would have happened between week 3 and week 8. So we are cheering a little louder. With being 9 weeks along, my due date is February 17th. :) Gabriel is going to be a big brother in 7 months! I am so excited!

Gabe has been back to work for two nights. He seems to be doing pretty well considering. He has come home early both nights. His boss is really happy to have him back. They are doing evaluations of the employees that work for him and his boss doesn't really know the workers as well as Gabe does. It has been good for Gabe to be back to work, it gives him something to do besides sit around that house wishing he was biking.

Flowers from The Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan:)
Kitten even loves them
Daddy works miracles putting BoogaBoo to sleep!
Naptime this afternoon
video of Gabriel talking

Gabriel and Biggie playing

The boys rough housing... Too cute! Have to see!!!