Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Gabe did not sleep well last night therefore I did not sleep well. Gabriel is on his own schedule right now and did not go to sleep until almost midnight. FUN.

We are still in Lansing at my families house. I know that many people are wondering why we had the surgery two hours away from our home. Gabe had shoulder surgery last year (July 9th)in Grand Haven. The pump that irrigates the site, so that the doctor can see what they are working on, broke. The feature that is responsible for gauging the pressure of the water broke. Gabe's shoulder filled up with water. The surgery was aborted. They worried about Gabe losing his arm because of the amount of pressure the water put on it. Gabe still has to have the original surgery on his shoulder and another surgery to fix some of the things the water pressure messed up. We have been putting it off due to having Gabriel. Gabe has some nerve damage that may or may not be reversible. My aunt is a RN at Sparrow in Lansing. She is a great resource when we come to Lansing for doctors. We switched from Gabe's doctor in Grand Haven who did his shoulder surgery to a great doctor in Lansing. When we found out that Gabe was going to have to have back surgery we did not think twice about calling my aunt to see who we should see here in Lansing.

The staff at Sparrow was amazing for Gabe!

We are thinking of making the drive back home. We are going to play it by ear. I know it will be nice to be home but we need to not rush it so that Gabe doesn't hurt worse.

Gabe and Gabriel are having a hard time with Gabe's not being able to pick Gabriel up. Three weeks of only mommy picking him up. Should be interesting! Right now I have help but once we are home we will be back in reality :). I am sure I will make it. Gabriel misses his "Dancing" with his daddy though!