Sunday, July 26, 2009

where is the good luck?

Well, we were on our way to the Detroit Tigers Double header on Friday. We won tickets to the second game from the Down syndrome Association of West Michigan picnic. We made it to the gas station just outside town when we got a phone call.

Gabe's father called to inform us that his brother John was in the ER and not doing well. We talked about it for a whole couple seconds before deciding that family needed us most. We turned around and Gabe headed to the hospital to see if there was anything we could do for Uncle John. My mother had been at our house visiting and was able to turn around and watch Gabriel for us.

Uncle John had not felt good for several days. He was not eating much and lost 8 lbs through out the week. He was working and not feeling well. Lucky for everyone he refused to go home. At some point he stopped breathing at least 3 times at work. They were able to hit his chest and get him back breathing until the ambulance came. He stopped breathing in the ambulance and in the ER several times. In the ER he would stop talking, his eyes would glaze over and he would look to be gone for several seconds, before snapping out of it and continuing where he left off. Doctors ran a variety of tests and have yet to find out what is going on. His blood pressure was into the 230's, they were able to drop it to the 180's by the time I was able to get there. They of course admitted him. He stopped breathing Friday night as well. Yesterday was full of tests. Hopefully they figured out what is going on. I will be calling Garry (Gabe's dad) a little later this morning to see how last night went and if they found anything in the tests. We are praying.

Today should be a good day. This week is Coast Guard Festival!! This morning is the pancake breakfast and car show. We will be walking downtown shortly:) Gabriel has yet to see the beach. He always manages to be asleep when I take him there... goodness. Hopefully I can update with good news about Uncle John's condition.