Monday, June 29, 2015

Michigan Adventure

I pick the horse of course!
 Haha, you rhymed Sis!
This teacup is going to make me throw up. 
That wasn't a good rhyme Sis!
Oh whale, I rode the whale. 
You're going to have to try harder Sis, right Gabers?
The slide...
Is a great ride!
Better sis!
And you are right this slide is...
I slide!
I slide?
No slide!
Hey Phia, want to hit up the slide with me?
Not a chance Gabers!
I'm a shark!
A very lazy shark! 
Waiting for my prey to pull me close for a snack.
I can swim too!
So can I!
Super fast!
That was so much fun, I'm not tired at all!
Me neither!
Daddy is tired!
I think I might be a little tired too.
I might be a little too now that I think about it. 
I'm going to listen to you all sleep and ear this...zzzzzz.
Thank you Lorrain and Jade for coming too. Your help was priceless!!!!