Friday, September 27, 2013

Doctor, doctor

I don't want to go to the doctor gabers!
Me neither Sis!
Hey Gabers wanna eat a fish?
Nasty Sis!
I want to eat a baby one as it says, 'mommy, mommy help me, help me mommy'...
What is the matter with you Sis?
And I am going to be like,  'yum that baby fish taste good'.
Oh Sis!
The Doctor is here Gabers.
Hug my arm with this Sis.
We sure rocked that appointment Gabers!
I know everyone in that office sure loves us, huh Sis?
Yup, now let's bust out of here Gabers.
Right behind you Sis.
Mom's notes - ENT appointment for both kids (what the heck was I thinking). They are doing well. Bells tubes have worked their way out and Gabers are still in place. Back in 4 months for both kids.