Monday, September 9, 2013

Cheese Boogers

Just ME time.
 photo null_zps5d5b2b97.jpg
What the Things are out here too.
 photo null_zps9d20f1c3.jpg
What is this world coming to?
 photo null_zpsde967519.jpg
I'm not a Thing right now Phia, i'm a puppy!
 photo null_zpse942cffb.jpg
Sis, may be going through an identity crisis.
 photo null_zps8524e9e7.jpg
You better quiet down before I lick you Gabers.
 photo null_zps367df3eb.jpg
My mouth is sealed.
 photo null_zps035b4e9d.jpg
arf arf...
 photo null_zps3946e169.jpg
Um, no thank you puppy.
 photo null_zps3fc25d25.jpg
Mom lets eeze!
 photo null_zps803656a8.jpg
ooo, me too Gabers!!!
 photo null_zps2fb637d1.jpg
Eeze Sis.
 photo null_zps98dbcf01.jpg
Eeze Phia.
 photo null_zpsf9d111fb.jpg
Cheese Boogers Mom.
 photo null_zps658dcc67.jpg
Okay, the Things are cute when they aren't near me. Please keep them busy Mom.
 photo null_zpse340319f.jpg
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