Saturday, September 28, 2013

Busy day!!!

Gabers, Papa got a playset!
 photo null_zps787bec55.jpg
For us Isabella?
 photo null_zpsccd12210.jpg
Of course for us Phia.
 photo null_zps056f8f30.jpg
Phia, why wouldn't it be for us?
 photo null_zpsd8054eb4.jpg
I don't know.
 photo null_zpsc6f470cc.jpg
Phia, yes it is for us.
 photo null_zps3c8d3ddd.jpg
You two did not have to yell at me.
 photo null_zps07b0dbba.jpg
Why would you ask a silly question.
 photo null_zps271b8930.jpg
I thought no question is a silly question.
  photo null_zps1a19deaa.jpg
Oh Phia...
 photo null_zpsbc24d866.jpg
Don't Oh Phia me!
 photo null_zps2b1f7855.jpg
Thank you Emma for inviting us to your birthday party!
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Mom's notes-
Gabriel and his girlfriend Lily!