Sunday, September 1, 2013

hard working day.

Mimi, Papa open up!
 photo null_zpsd6538aa7.jpg
You are taking too long, hurry up and let us in!
 photo null_zpseff5fd75.jpg
Papa, let me out!
 photo null_zpsb91b6b93.jpg
I wanted to spend time with you not behind a window.
 photo null_zps0f741e4b.jpg
Daddy open the door!
 photo null_zpsedeae02c.jpg
 photo null_zps9314abd4.jpg
I'm going to take pictures until you let me out.
 photo null_zps59cb6735.jpg
Hello Isabella armpit.
 photo null_zps3df7bf5e.jpg
Awe, phia.
 photo null_zps5e30cb3b.jpg
Check me out!
 photo null_zps7fd48dec.jpg
Hi mommy.
 photo null_zpsfc8c08cd.jpg
What's that you say about Daddy and Papa coming inside Sis?
 photo null_zps14f1a4a2.jpg
Do you hear them Phia?
 photo null_zps35c0cd32.jpg
 photo null_zpsa1108edc.jpg
What did you do to Daddy?
 photo null_zps12a9c402.jpg
Why are you laughing Papa?
 photo null_zps59de3f95.jpg
I see what's funny, can you?
 photo null_zps54ea36ed.jpg
Mom's notes- Gabriel stole my cell phone today and took pictures for tonight's blog. I think he did a darn good job!