Thursday, September 26, 2013

getting old

You are getting old Phia.
 photo null_zps303161fe.jpg
I'm only going to be five months old Isabella.
 photo null_zpsaaff3903.jpg
That is a good age Phia.
 photo null_zps16e91535.jpg
What makes it so good?
 photo null_zps43a92046.jpg
You don't have to clean your room Phia.
 photo null_zps8d381280.jpg
Um, Isabella, I don't really have a room.
 photo null_zpscf41e82e.jpg
Oh ya that is right.
 photo null_zpsdcf7f478.jpg
You can share my room Phia.
 photo null_zps495a8858.jpg
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