Saturday, September 14, 2013

Go State

Phia let me tell you some secrets.
 photo null_zps21790073.jpg
Mom is a big Michigan State University fan.
 photo null_zpseae0249b.jpg
Daddy is not.
 photo null_zps21790073.jpg
Mommy dresses us.
 photo null_zpsfb24a818.jpg
Smile pretty for the camera and pretend you care.
 photo null_zps0df8a80a.jpg
Is this smile good enough?
 photo null_zps88ffc24e.jpg
Phia, Ignore Sis.
 photo null_zps696f173a.jpg
Michigan State University is GREAT!
 photo null_zpsc5195a6a.jpg
Right after the University of Michigan.
 photo null_zpsf08f3c5b.jpg
I'm so confused.
 photo null_zps52beec58.jpg
Phis is so funny Gabers.
 photo null_zpsc1cf9607.jpg
It sure is easy to confuse her!
 photo null_zpsc72e5279.jpg
Phia we like Michigan State University, don't we Gabers!
 photo null_zps2f15c484.jpg
Yup, we also like the University of Michigan because they did my heart surgery.
 photo null_zps135698aa.jpg
You two tired me out!
 photo null_zpsd4da7ffa.jpg