Sunday, September 8, 2013

Van Gogh Party

Daddy and I have been waiting forever for Football season to start.
 photo null_zpsee65914e.jpg
I'm ready.
 photo null_zps39a2dcbd.jpg
Goodness, football games last longer than I remember.
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 photo null_zps0938a415.jpg
Time for Kai's birthday party.
 photo null_zpsbb0ae342.jpg
Kai's Van Gogh Birthday Party Gabers.
 photo null_zps747aea6c.jpg
Oh ya.
 photo null_zpsf2317c47.jpg
Look at my picture Gabers.
 photo null_zpsd6ad0bd1.jpg
Looks good Sis.
 photo null_zpsc8fbb5d7.jpg
I'm going to do a hand print Gabers.
 photo null_zpsec4ecbb0.jpg
Me too Sis!
 photo null_zpsdfb4bbcd.jpg
Lily is going to do hand prints too!
 photo null_zps3f1c0bf8.jpg
I love my Lily!
 photo null_zps43844b94.jpg
Aren't you guys suppose to keep the paint on the paper?
 photo null_zps50556f39.jpg
Want some paint Phia?
 photo null_zps5cc86095.jpg
Phia, if you must know even Lily's mommy put paint on her.
 photo null_zpsc13c1c9b.jpg
And Emma's mommy too right Sis?
 photo null_zpsc94b1fa9.jpg
 photo null_zps50556f39.jpg
At least we are leaving you out of the painting Phia.
 photo null_zpsd72bb44b.jpg
Phia, do I have something on my face?
 photo null_zpsb06ab96a.jpg
How about now?
 photo null_zps3a0d46f2.jpg
You know you want a kiss.
 photo null_zps797aa45c.jpg
Gabers you are silly!
 photo null_zps32cac0f9.jpg
Do you think my Lily and my Emma noticed me today Sis?
 photo null_zps449e4099.jpg
I don't think they could miss you Gabers!
 photo null_zps2e491db6.jpg
What a great party Kai!
 photo null_zps0915e7f2.jpg
Kai, Happy Birthday. Gabers and I had a blast!
 photo null_zps6740595e.jpg
Okay you can hug me..
 photo null_zpsca6b4e2c.jpg
you are clean now.
 photo null_zps03cdc667.jpg
I am SO glad I am still clean!
 photo null_zps12431bde.jpg
Those kids were crazy.
 photo null_zps7ddcd8a4.jpg