Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Doctor appointments

What? Okay? Wait a minute...
 photo null_zps3e191ede.jpg
Gabers, Phia, phone.
 photo null_zps31546ee5.jpg
It is the doctors office.
 photo null_zps90f482e5.jpg
I love the doctor.
 photo null_zps22203a8f.jpg
Wait, shots...
 photo null_zps7cf4c1d6.jpg
Oh heck no!
 photo null_zps33d60529.jpg
I don't want shots!
 photo null_zpsabe7f62d.jpg
I'm scared.
 photo null_zps70da469f.jpg
I will hold your hand Phia.
 photo null_zps1d5af3cc.jpg
My big brother sure loves me, even if he is crazy!
 photo null_zpsde7d5101.jpg
Mom's notes -
Gabriel today: 5 years old, 35 3/4 lbs and 40 1/4 inches tall.
Sophia today: 19 weeks old, 12lbs 4oz and 24 1/2 inches