Thursday, February 21, 2013

something borrowed

Sis, I thought I would take some pictures for you today.
 photo 2013-02-21_16-44-15_873_zpsda8d8037.jpg
I am sorry that you had to stay home sick.
 photo 2013-02-21_16-44-45_988_zpsd1582ec8.jpg
I am a good photographer with mom's phone.
 photo 2013-02-21_16-44-55_487_zps69e4d4a0.jpg
Check this one out Sis, Mom and dad even let me take their picture.
 photo 2013-02-21_16-45-17_434_zps4dcff717.jpg
Thanks Gabers, I am loving on Kitten.
 photo 2013-02-21_17-33-28_801_zps9e15ad6c.jpg
Daddy is loving on me.
 photo 2013-02-21_17-31-18_827_zps862d9d0e.jpg
I got my flu shot today while at the doctor.
 photo 2013-02-21_17-33-22_600_zpsfdefdf96.jpg
Oh my gosh did you scream the place down?
 photo 2013-02-21_17-31-23_19_zps6b99d885.jpg
I did not cry at all Gabers!
 photo 2013-02-21_17-33-24_935_zpsa9d6b843.jpg
 photo 2013-02-21_17-31-24_968_zps0a50ed0e.jpg
I am not always a ninny.
 photo 2013-02-21_17-33-18_798_zps807ca859.jpg
Wow, way to go Sis!
 photo 2013-02-21_17-31-42_139_zps18b94a36.jpg
Kitten and I like your shirt Gabers!

This was daddy's shirt when he was my age.

Mom's notes - I don't believe Sis minds the she was sick on her birthday. Look at what Papa brought by for Isabella today to help make her feel better.