Monday, October 7, 2013

Watch this

Gabers watch this.
You know she is nutty Daddy.
Nutty like my baby squirrel. 
See what I mean Daddy. 
Please get me away from these too Papa!
Mom's notes-
Gabriel speaks more and more each day. At the beginning of the summer Gabe called me to tell me a story:

Gabriel brought Gabe his robot. Gabe was busy at the time and did not really notice. Gabriel kept saying 'bot, not'. Finally Gabe looked to see what Gabriel was talking about and Gabriel busted out with 'uh oh, bit broken'. Gabe figured Gabriel broke his robot. Typical for toys at the Purdy house. A bit later Gabriel came in with a screwdriver saying 'Bot broken'. Then it hit Gabe, Gabriel wanted the batteries changed. Sure enough the robot worked with a new set of batteries. 

Today I receive more and more calls with Gabriel's progress each day. He has enough language to carry on simple conversations with us. It is Beyoncé precious!