Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fire to the rescue

Fire to the rescue
Me too Gabers!
Jump in Sis!
Ding ding get out of the way .
Stop for the puppy Sis!
Gabers check it out!
Oh my gosh look, a horse.
Hello horse...
Don't you dare even think about it!
I found a fire truck Gabers.
It's kind of big Sis.
I'm going to drive it.
I am going to put my brain bucket on just incase you drive like mom.
Yellow means GO FASTER!!
Chill out Sis !
Mom's notes-
We work very hard to put Gabriel in various situations. Sometimes things go smooth and others are very rough. The more situations he is in the better. His social anxiety is not perfect by any means but we no longer have to take him into a dark quiet place to calm him down. One situation at a time!