Saturday, October 12, 2013

Doctor in the house

Is there a doctor in the house?
There are a lot of sick children in this house!
Doctor Isabella in the house.
Doctor Isabella can you help my Phia?
I have my diagnosis, Phia has a case of the stinky pants.
Will she be okay Doctor Isabella?
She will be just fine once mom changes her out if her stinky pants.
Mom's notes -
Sophia is still feeling icky. She is not sleeping much at night. Gabriel has a ear infection and a plugged ear tube so basically the pressure keeps building. He is crabbier than normal. Isabella came up to our room this morning crying that she can't get her eye open. Sure enough it  was crusted shut in Pink eye style. All of this added together equals NO Step Up For Down Syndrome walk this morning. Gabriel's first walk was when he was only a month old. He wasn't even out of the hospital a week.

Gabriel is still not ready to use the potty. I hope he learns the feeling of having to go potty. I can take him every half hour and he will go but he just isn't getting the whole idea of using the toilet. He sure does look cute in underwear though. (He wet his pants about three seconds after this picture which was taken about a minute after using the potty.)