Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Swinging fun

What should we do today sis?
I don't know Gabers what should we do?
Let's swing Gabers .
I love swinging Sis.
Me too Gabers.
I like to swing too Gabriel and Isabella.
I will swing with you Phia.
Me too Phia.
Let me restate that: I like swinging by myself.
Mom's notes-
After having trouble being held accountable at school last year and the year before Gabriel appears to be thriving this year. Gabriel is an extremely manipulative little man but it appears that his staff doesn't let him get away with anything. Conferences are next week but we have a constant journal between school and home so we feel more prepared.  Hopefully we will not get a 'he has not progressed on his goals due to his behavior' speech.  He has a behavior plan (BIP) from last year that has not been reviewed if we have to address behavior.
I still find it (for the lack of a better word) interesting that Gabriel had to have a BIP. My job is to work with behaviors of students with IEP's, conduct FBA's and write BIP's.