Saturday, October 5, 2013

Color Me Rad

Phia, it is time to go!!!
Come on Rain!
Hurry Grandma!
Faster Mom!
Pick it up Phia!
It is time to get pretty like a unicorn!
Look at me, I got some , I got some!
Hurry, we need to go to the next color!
And my fingers are now Green...
Haha, that one got in my mouth.
Mom covered my mouth for me.
I now have Orange, and Phia too.
Yes, I do.
That was SO much fun!
Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom
Mom, let's do it again!
Look at my green hand.
It's so cool!
I'm not tired!
Really I'm NOT !
Me neither!
Mom's notes-
Gabriel can do anything he puts his mind to. His latest conquest is photography. He sees me taking his picture daily and had started to ask for my camera. Here are tonight's pictures...
Gabriel tried to do a selfie but his arms were too short. He told me where and how to pose and yelled at me until I had the frame just right.
Next he had Gabe pose with Dinner the Goat.
And then an up close and personal picture of Lickey.